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I’m always looking for a good way to save money; usually it’s on the web, with one of the of many web apps and sites I use to find deals. However, within the last couple of years, location-based mobile apps have become all the rage. Luckily for us, a lot of these apps are geared towards getting us to visit businesses when we are near them, and the best way to do that is to offer discounts or other deals!  Below are nine apps that can help you get the best discounts, in your area and beyond.


Android started life with a fairly geeky image. It was billed as an ‘open-source mobile operating system by Google’, a phrase full of terms that geeks can never get enough of. And yet it was cool because it was new, different, and had potential. Once the phone manufacturers saw this potential and Android became mainstream, a lot of the geek-appeal faded away.

This roundup contains 17 applications which appeal to me, as a geek. Just because Android is no longer reserved exclusively for us doesn’t mean there are no great applications built with us in mind. (more…)

It seems like eons ago that I would start my work day with a cup of coffee and a newspaper to get my daily news fix. I still do it but with a slight difference: my Android phone has replaced the newspaper. So I thought, why not write about my experience in exploring all the amazing news Apps in the Android Market? I have compiled a list of news reader apps that have both minimal and elegant user interfaces, to share my views with you and some useful suggestions with App developers.


Back in March, there were several rumours that BlackBerry’s Messenger service would launch on both Android and iPhone in an effort to maintain the service’s popularity, even if the device market share shrinks. I’ve always puzzled over the exact attraction of RIM’s smartphone platform. I don’t get it. Why are these things so darn popular? It turns out their popularity amongst teenagers comes mainly down to this service, so I did a little research. (more…)

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