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One complaint commonly brought up against the iOS platform is the lack of a device-wide file management system. Android, on the other hand, gives users complete control over the files on their phone/tablet or SD Card – even more so if you decide to root your device. No surprise then that file management apps are a dime a dozen in the Android Market. But with so much choice, how do you select which app works best for you?

Here’s my list of the top ten file management apps for Android, in no particular order. They all have their own unique advantages and user interfaces, so pick the one that seems closest to your style of managing files on your device. And with all but one of the apps available for the unbeatable price of free, there’s nothing to stop you trying them all out before making a decision.


For the past few months, we here at Android.AppStorm have been collating our best tips, tricks, features, and shortcuts. Some are useful, some are geeky, some are just for fun.

As with all such lists, you’re probably aware of some of these tips already – but I bet you don’t know all of them! Did you know that you can search your text messages, Kindle books, and tweets all at once? Or that CyanogenMod 7 lets you disable two-thirds of the LEDs in your display, to save battery? Or that you can force websites to show you the full version of their site, even though you’re on a mobile browser? Read on to find out more…


The smartphone industry is evolving at a breakneck pace with Android leading the way. We have come to a point where Apple is cloning a few features that are part and parcel of the green robot.

As a neutral observer and critic, I notice that iOS apps tend to be really gorgeous. Some are beyond gorgeous and it’s just way too much eye candy for a 3.5 inch canvas. But when it comes to apps from every possible domain one can imagine, unrestricted by the walled garden of an API, Android wins the contest hands down.

After the break we have compiled a list of apps that are unique to our Android ecosystem. They all work out of the box, without the need for rooting. Do read on! (more…)

Every proud new owner of a smartphone will end up frustrated with the short battery life and memory issues. I am no exception and naturally I have scoured the Android Market for “System Utilities” to help me handle some these issues. There are some really amazing apps that can boost memory, improve battery life and improve device performance significantly, but many of these “All in One” solutions require rooted phones and some may not work in all phone models.

In this article we will explore 35 apps currently available on the Market that are very useful for monitoring your Android phone usage, tweaking, the system and taking control of how you use your device. Some of these apps will help you understand your Android phone performance and advanced features. The apps I like the most are those that show detailed infographics: graphical displays of usage statistics and system performance. Many of these apps have really helped me to fine-tune my phone’s performance.


If you use Google Apps, you already know that your email, contacts, and calendar are automatically synced between your computer and your phone without needing to connect the two via cables. But did you know that you can do a lot more with this two-way connection?

In this roundup, we’ll take a look at apps that let you type long text messages on your computer keyboard, use your phone as a mouse for your computer, manage your PC downloads remotely, call friends using your computer’s sound system and microphone, and pretty much anything else (except for charging the device) — all without wires. It’s wireless nirvana!


Are you bored of the lock screen which comes built in to your Android phone yet? The most common is the slide down screen. You have the option to change the lock screen background, but if you want to change the unlock pattern then you will need an app to do that for you. There are various such apps available in the Android Market; these are my favourites.

If customisation is your thing, check out 40+ Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Android, 60 More Gorgeous Wallpapers for Your Android, and 10 Tasker Alternatives to Automate Your Android!


Cars have come a long way since their inception and have become full of technology. From built-in GPS to iPod integration to in-car Android, your car has become a computer in itself, but you still have that powerful phone in your pocket. Well, take it out, mount it on your dashboard and kick start your newly-digital car journey!

In today’s extended roundup, we’ll be taking a look at all sorts of applications for use within your car such as travel news, navigation and radio. Be sure to grab yourself a cup of tea or something, because this is going to be a long drive! (more…)

Over the last couple of years, Dropbox has quickly become one of the stellar file storage and synchronization services that every computer or mobile enthusiast knows and uses religiously. The idea is simple: 2GB free of storage, upgradable, applications for Windows and Mac OSX, and an effortless sync process between many devices. Dropbox also has an Android application on the Market, but everyone who has used the service knows that its power can be pushed way beyond what that official software offers.

Here, we will take a look at 11 different utilities, in varying categories, that make the most of Dropbox’ seamless cloud synchronization and help you keep everything neatly backed up and available on multiple devices. Where possible, we will mention similar applications that fit in the same category and also work with Dropbox.


Calendars have been used throughout the ages as a way of organising one’s work, social, or religious events into a single view. The dawn of mobile applications meant that this could be taken on the go and provide necessary reminders to get things done at ease. For some, especially business users, the calendar is the most important app on their phone.

Android has a built-in calendar app, and some phone manufacturers, who add their own skin on top of vanilla Android, also provide their own calendar app. However, for those looking for something new, there’s also a bunch of alternatives available on Google’s Android Market.

In this roundup, we’ll be taking a look at a handful of the best looking and most functional calendar replacement apps and discussing which is the best.


Translation apps are useful when traveling and indispensable in certain situations when you need to translate something quickly and accurately. Some of these apps have nice functionality but lack flair. I’ve tried a number of them out, and most translate any word or phrase I typed, but some were limited to a certain set of languages.

Let’s look at a roundup of the top free translation apps for Android to understand what is on the market and what these apps are capable of.


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