5 Of The Best Reservation And Online Booking Apps For Android

Do you run a fitness, travel or hospitality business? Reckon your business management system is ready for the inevitable upsurge in bookings during the post-holiday season? If you’re finding it difficult to wrangle with reservations then perhaps it’s time you switched to a web-based online booking and reservation software. The best ones have their own Android app, meaning you can manage your schedule and customers from wherever you go on your phone or tablet. These online booking apps for Android allow you to start taking and making reservations through your website and social media channels within minutes.

These Android reservation apps are suitable for many different areas of the health, leisure and hospitality industries including hotels, tour operators, bars, hairdressers, restaurants, and even one-off courses or events. Some even allow customers to book and pay for your services or products with a credit card (with card readers usually supplied separately) wherever they are with no need to use the phone or contact sales staff. This online booking software is subscription-based, meaning that you’ll need to pay a monthly fee, although most offer free trials.

So, without further ado here are five of the best Android reservation apps for hospitality and travel.

Booker Mobile

Booker Mobile is the Android version of the all-in-one web based business management platform, Booker Software. Booker Mobile is aimed at service-based businesses, ranging from spas and salons, yoga and fitness gyms and pet grooming services to swimming pools, tennis lessons and franchises with branches in multiple locations.

The Booker Mobile online booking app for Android allows you to view and manage your booking calendar, book, update and cancel appointments, view customer notes and profiles and apply special discounts among many other things.

Booker Software is relied upon by some huge corporations including Hard Rock Hotel and Hilton Hotels so it’s a highly competent and sophisticated booking software application that can be scaled up easily.

Pricing: From $85 per month.


Booker Mobile


MINDBODY is a simple-to-use online booking software that helps health and fitness businesses to better manage their appointments and customers. There are two different MINDBODY apps in the Google Play store. The MINDBODY Android app for consumers allows customers to find health and fitness deals in their area, book classes and manage their upcoming reservations and schedules.

If you’re a health and fitness business then you’ll find the MINDBODY Express app very useful. This online booking app for Android boasts a number of handy features, including the ability to browse your class schedule, view and alter staff agendas, sign customers into classes, and pull up reports to track your daily sales. It also supports payments, allowing you to process transactions via credit card, cash, check, or gift cards.

Pricing: From $30 per month.




Checkfront is a centralized booking management system for Android that allows you to quickly integrate your inventory into an online booking system. The Checkfront Android online booking app gives you instant access to bookings, and allows you to check in customers, create new reservations on the go, and communicate with your staff.

Checkfront for Android also allows you to call customers directly from the app and quickly review booking availability. When used in conjunction with the web version, Checkfront is perfect for managing accommodation, tours, rentals and professional service bookings. It can be integrated with WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Facebook and stand-alone websites which can be integrated into your own site with the Checkfront API.

Pricing: From $49 per month.

checkfront android


ZOZI Advance

ZOZI Advance is shortly to launch an Android app to complement the web app although for now, you can use the online version of the reservation app perfectly well on your Android device. ZOZI Advance is a well organized booking system for tour, activity, event, and rental businesses. ZOZI Advance  helps you manage bookings and take payments from one convenient dashboard on your Android device.

ZOZI Advance can help reduce lines and waiting times with one-click group check-ins and support for finger signature for digital waivers. Of course, you can take bookings and payments with cash, credit card or check and you can adjust activity times and capacity on the go to deal with unexpected cancellations or over bookings.

The ZOZI Advance app allows you to check your calendar from anywhere and you can promote your business further on the ZOZI.com marketplace where customers can search services and businesses by type and make bookings directly.

Pricing: From $39 per month.



ZOZI Advance


TrekkSoft is one of the most popular and accessible booking software for travel and leisure companies on Android. The cloud-based online booking app allows you to set up your own personalized, branded website and Android app allows you to manage and review your booking system anywhere. For example, you can access a general overview of your upcoming activities, see how many guests are booked for a particular time, the number of seats still available and make changes to your availability and maximum capacities on the move.

Of course, the Trekksoft Android online booking app also allows you to take bookings anywhere and your guests can pay anywhere by swiping a credit or debit card via TrekkSoft’s convenient mobile card reader (available separately). You can also use the app to scan and validate tickets with your mobile camera to check for outstanding balances and track ticket usage making the TrekkSoft for Android extremely flexible.

Pricing: Various commission-based payment plans.

trekksoft android


These online booking apps for Android will ramp up customer satisfaction and should drive more sales to your business by making bookings easier and more convenient for your customers. Let us know which Android reservation apps you use for your business, and be sure to check out GetApp’s directory of online booking and reservation software, where you can browse and compare the top applications.