AppDisco Offers Unique Playlists for Apps & Games

App Disco is yet another addition to the long list of app discovery software for Android, further proving there are never too many ways to browse and find apps or games in the vast Android ecosystem. Being a new player and still in beta, it did quite well with setting itself apart from all that came before it, which is to say it’s unlike any other app we’ve seen so far. Let’s see how AppDisco fares compared to the others, and what it has to offer for the savvy Android app addict.

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Having done a previous roundup on app discovery solutions, I’ve come to notice that these often use categories and filters to return some sort of “personalized feed”, giving you a bit more control over what you see. Most of the time, these categories and filters are not available in the Play Store.

Apps in a Playlist

Most notable app discovery apps have one theme that makes them stand out. For example, Mapasaurus which we review earlier takes the apps and presents them in a map, while Cugga App Market creates app lists based on the user’s mood.

AppDisco has the same built-in, customized categories for sorting out apps and games, but it’s not the highlight of its features. There are the usual app categories such as Top Apps, Productivity, Entertainment, and so on, but what’s unique about AppDisco is the way you can use these to create Playlists. Just like a music discovery app, AppDisco lets you follow a certain category to add to your playlist. Playlists are actually a list of apps in a certain category, and you can browse and click Follow to add these to your main AppDisco feed.

The main app page with playlists

Each app is presented in big app preview boxes, with the Install button readily accessible from the same box. Social buttons (Love It, Lose It, Share) are also easily found on the bottom of each box. Hitting the Install button leads you to Google Play where you can download the app. I found this layout to be the most user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing out of all other app discovery apps I’ve tried so far.

Adding playlists to your app feed

The Awesome Games Blender

AppDisco’s other most impressive feature is the Games Blender. While this is also great for beginners, it might be more beneficial for heavy gamers who are particularly picky with what they need. Here, a gamer can select and combine more than a dozen game categories, from theme, visuals, skill and even game interaction. Tapping on any of these choices creates a formula, presenting the end result as a heavily customized list. This is as close as you can get to micro-filtered game lists, and it was done in a way that it makes sense even to the average Android user.

Thanks to all of these choices, game discovery can be as specific or general as you would want it to be. For example, I was happy to find arcade games that did not require me to tilt the screen during gameplay.

Games Blender lets you find all kinds of games


While the Games Blender is by far the coolest way I’ve discovered great games, it is pretty apparent that the App Finder feature seems to pale in comparison. It’s understandable since apps and games are a bit different in nature, but hopefully, the developers will add more sub-categories and more specific ways to filter apps — I was quite peeved that there was no GTD section under Productivity.

Other than a few missing elements, AppDisco is a great way to discover apps and games. With its attention to detail, uncluttered interface and unique game search method, it definitely stands out instead of blending in.