Get Into DSLR Photography With Right Click

When you first buy a DSLR camera, you may not get a lot of great shots but you will get a ton of advice from everybody you encounter. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but budding photographers need to learn at their own pace when it comes to both photographic principles and operating a camera. And if you’re starting to learn by yourself, you’ll find a handy guide in Right Click.

Right Click is a simple tutorial app that contains useful information about the basics of photography, a few styles and modes of shooting and finally, a simulator for various manual camera settings found on DSLRs and even some compact models. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from it, and see what’s still missing.

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Right Click is a handy guide for photographers that runs on devices with Android 2.2 and up, and allows users to look up important concepts of photography wherever they are. The app is free to download in the Play Store.

Right Click has three sections of content, including a setting simulator

Right Click has three sections of content, including a setting simulator


The app’s content is divided into three sections, the first being View Mode. This is easily the coolest part of the app: it allows you to modify manual settings as you would on a DSLR and shows you the effect your adjustments have on an image. There’s a DSLR-style control panel that makes it easy for amateurs to quickly correlate what they’re seeing on their mobile devices and how their cameras work.

Three parameters can be adjusted and observed in View Mode: ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It’s not as interactive as one would like — there are preset photos (just one for each parameter) to illustrate the effect of your adjustments and you can’t import your own photos to simulate these effects. While this isn’t a major dealbreaker, it’d have been nice to see more parameters described this way, such as focus modes and picture styles.

View Mode illustrates how a parameter affects a shot

View Mode illustrates how a parameter affects a shot

The second section is called Read Mode, and is nothing but textual descriptions of each of these variables, with the addition of White Balance. The third section is called Photography Styles, and includes notes on a few photographic techniques and styles, including Fast/Sports Mode, Landscape, Macro, Night, Portrait, HDR, and the Rule of Thirds.


Right Click’s interface looks good and the bite-sized format is suitable for reading on-the-go. However, the app feels sorely incomplete, even when considering that its primary goal is to teach users about manual settings on a camera. I’d love to see more content on basics like quality and quantity of light, composition & framing, and how to choose the right lens for various contexts.

The Read Mode section links directly to the simulation examples, which works well but would be even better with more topics as mentioned above. Similarly, the Photography Styles section would benefit greatly with more chapters, such as shooting groups of people, pets, food, and so on.

Learn about photographic styles and techniques

Learn about photographic styles and techniques

What else is missing?

I’m really rooting for this app because as a photographer, I’ve come to understand how important it is to have a solid foundation of the basics of camera operation and principles — and that’s exactly what Right Click can teach you. There’s an ocean of information and resources online about every aspect of photography, that can easily be funneled into the app’s simple interface.

Apart from additional topics, Right Click could use many more photographic examples to illustrate key points. Another thing that budding photographers could really use is a set of basic diagrams explaining how to light subjects with natural light both indoors and outdoors. I’d even go so far as to recommend a few DIY tips and tricks, such as using white styrofoam sheets to reflect light onto subjects.


If you’re new to photography, Right Click is a nice app to have with you when shooting to quickly look up a concept and figure out your shot. The photo examples, though sparse, are helpful. And that’s really what one would say about the app as a whole — there’s plenty of scope for more content and features, and rounding it this way would make it useful not just for amateurs but also for instructors and guides.

There are also a few typos and points that could be explained better. Still, given that the app is free and can always receive updates in the future, I’d recommend this to newcomers to photography so they can get a feel for what to expect when they’re behind the lens. Happy shooting!


Right Click is a tutorial app that explains the fundamentals of photography and how settings on DSLR cameras work, that's perfect for budding photographers.