If you’re a Galaxy Note fan, an international user waiting for Google Play Music All Access or a disgruntled Ouya owner with an affinity for the number 1337, you might have some interest in this week’s Android news. Let’s take a look!

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Google Play Music All Access Available to New Territories

Google Play Music All Access has been expanded to include availability in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom, joining existing members in the United States. Early adopters who buy in before September 15th will benefit from reduced pricing of £7.99/€7.99 per month, after which the price will return to normal at £9.99/€9.99 per month.

The UK is one country joining the Google Play Music All Access lineup.

The UK is one country joining the Google Play Music All Access lineup.

Google Play Music All Access was introduced in May as Google’s answer to rival streaming services such as Spotify. The subscription service includes a free trial for 30-days and allows users access to unlimited listening of a wide catalogue of songs. The All Access subscription joins the free service which allows users to store up to 20,000 tracks of their own in a cloud locker for syncing and availability across platforms, similar to Apple’s iTunes Match.

Samsung Plans Unpacked Event for September 4th

Samsung this week announced a September 4th date for its next Unpacked Event in Berlin, with a tagline of “Note the Date”, taken by some as a hint of an imminent announcement of the Galaxy Note III.

Samsung's Unpacked event takes place on September 4th.

Samsung’s Unpacked event takes place on September 4th.

The September 4th date comes two days before the IFA trade show in Berlin which has been the stage in previous years for the launch of devices like the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera. The event will also be streamed live on YouTube.

Google Rolls Out Android Device Manager Tracking Utility

Google has begun rolling out its recently announced Android Device Manager, a utility for tracking Android-powered devices and the company’s answer to Find my iPhone for iOS. The service is rolling out gradually to new users with handsets running Android 2.2 and above.

Android Device Manager in-action with a Nexus 4.

Android Device Manager in-action with a Nexus 4.

Android Device Manager allows users to locate phones on a map and choose to start the phone’s incoming call sound or entirely wipe the device. Prior to the start of the rollout, Android Device Manager was announced on August 2nd.

Other Updates

  • Kickstarter backers and some preorder customers of the OUYA Android gaming console have been awarded a $13.37 credit to the OUYA’s Discover store for games, following complaints that the fulfilment of some of such early orders were made only after the device hit general retail availability.
  • Amazon has announced it will begin accepting web apps into its Appstore for Android, allowing them to be distributed onto the platform without running natively.
  • Twitter has updated its Android and iOS apps to support two-step authentication for logging into the social network. When activated, users will need their password and verification information sent to their mobile app to gain access.
  • An update to Instagram has introduced the ability to submit previously recorded video from your Camera Roll into the service, selecting a particular 15-second clip for submission.

Catch us next week for another look at the week in Android!