This Week In Android: Feb 18th-24th

It’s February 24th and today, we not only celebrate the birth of the late Steve Jobs but also say goodbye to another week of Android news. This week has seen the HTC One finally announced, the reveal of the PlayStation 4 and its integration with your Android device and more!

Let’s dive in…

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HTC One Announced

HTC have finally gotten around to announcing the HTC One this week, the company’s new flagship handset. The device directly succeeds the previous One family with a 4.7-inch display sporting a 468ppi pixel density by running at full 1080p. If you end up picking one up, you’ll feel the power of a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB of memory and LTE connectivity where supported.

HTC’s big focus on audio is evident in the HTC One too, with HTC BoomSound powering dual stereo speakers on the front of the device.

The HTC One’s body.

The device is currently available for preorder in silver or black, with the 32GB model starting at £519.99 in the UK through HTC.

Galaxy S IV Event on March 14th?

The Verge has reported that the world will be introduced to Samsung’s next flagship smartphone this March 14th. According to the lovingly cliché “sources familiar” monicker, that Thursday in March will see Samsung officially unveil the successor to their widely popular Galaxy S III.

Not much is known about the device, but “sources” also point to a design not dissimilar to the also unannounced Galaxy Note 8.0, a device that could itself receive an unveiling soon at Mobile World Congress.

Google Retail Stores Rumoured

This week has seen more rampent rumouring of official Google stores being introduced in a similar fashion to chief rival Apple’s operation. While there’s still no hard evidence to suggest it’s true, reports hint to some stores opening as early as later this year.

Apple Stores have been instrumental to promoting the all-in-one experience that Google seemingly wants to emulate.

The move to retail seems to come in conjunction with more focus on a unified family of Google devices, available now in the form of the Nexus and Chromebook lines. The final push for the Mountain View gang seems to be Google Glass, though, and retail stores will allow them the opportunity to demonstrate these directly to potential customers.

Sony Announces PlayStation 4

Sony took to a New York stage this week to announce their next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 4. Perhaps the most interesting announcement for Android followers, though, comes in the unveiling of PlayStation App, an upcoming Android and iOS application.

Remote Play features in the PlayStation 4 will allow Android, iOS and PS Vita users to add another depth to gameplay with the console.

PlayStation App will serve as a second screen of sorts for gaming on the PlayStation 4, where users will be able to use it in conjunction with a traditional controller and TV setup to view things like in-game maps while playing. The app will also allow viewers to stream gameplay footage from other PlayStation 4 gamers and purchase content on the go, only for it to be downloaded onto a console elsewhere.

Ubuntu Developer Preview Released

The team behind Ubuntu’s upcoming tablet and phone OS have released a developer preview of the software, available for flashing on a recent Nexus device near you. The OS, which can’t be expected to be fully polished due to it’s unfinialised state, is currently supported for developers using a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.

The Ubuntu developer preview is available for Nexus phones and tablets, but only do so at your own risk.

The Ubuntu wiki provides everything you need to know about flashing the preview but do so at your own risk and be aware that the process will wipe all data from the device, even after you reinstall Android.

Catch us here at AppStorm next week for another, Mobile World Congress-themed This Week In Android!