This Week in Android: Sept 30th – Oct 6th

Are your emails not enough? Do you need some ads to spice up your communications? Be happy, then, that it looks like Google’s going to be introducing advertising in Gmail for Android shortly! If that doesn’t take your fancy, how about a look at the upcoming Nexus 5, all in this week’s instalment of This Week in Android?

Ads for Gmail?

According to recent reports, references to advertisements in Google’s recent Gmail for Android update have been discovered, suggesting a potential introduction in the future.

Google could soon be displaying ads alongside your mobile email

Google could soon be displaying ads alongside your mobile email

The uncovered pieces of code reference various advertisement-browsing activities, such as saving specific interesting ads for viewing later or just dismissing them from sight. The exact presence of ads that Google’s intending to integrate isn’t clear but could become more apparent in future updates.

Nexus 5 Captured in Leaked Image

A poster on MacRumors’ forums (via The Verge) has shared an image of what he claims to be Google’s upcoming Nexus 5 handset. The device first allegedly appeared in a promotional video for Android 4.4 KitKat and discussion has reached highs following the discontinuation of the current-generation Nexus 4.

The perpetrated photo of Google's Nexus 5.

The perpetrated photo of Google’s Nexus 5.

The poster — going by the username weespeed — described the device’s display as “ok” and calling the bezel “very small”.

HTC Posts First Ever Quarterly Loss

HTC has confirmed in an unaudited release of its Q3 2013 earnings that the company made a net loss of NT$2.97 billion (around USD$101.3 million), the first quarterly loss in the company’s public history. HTC also announced quarterly revenue of NT$47.05 billion (around USD$1.6 billion).

HTC themselves predicted the loss in late July, blaming a “lack of economy of scale” and uncompetitive mid-range offerings. At the time, HTC promised to take action so that improvement would be evident in the fourth quarter.

Other Updates

  • Hulu Plus for Android was updated this week to natively support Chromecast, Google’s AirPlay-style streaming service that uses an HDMI device to display content on your TV.
  • Google has officially updated Chrome for Android to bring new gestures to the general public that were first shown to beta users in August. The update also allows users to save shortcuts to web apps to their Android home screen — when the site’s developer has enabled the option — and view them as if they were native apps, à la iOS.
  • US versions of HTC’s HTC One handset will be seeing an update to Android 4.3 this month. Sprint versions of the device have already started receiving the update while AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon models will be upgraded throughout the remainder of October.