Eight Awesome Games for Android

You’ve got your new Android phone set up with some essential apps installed. Everything is set up just how you want it, but it’s the end of the day and you just want to waste some time. So what’s next? Games!

There’s a wide variety of games for the Android platform, a lot of them from EA’s Mobile division. Whether you’re looking for fun games to spend hours on or just a viral one to waste a few minutes, there’s probably something for you. Let’s hit play…

Try installing these through the browser-based Market. Their compatibility changes from phone to phone and from carrier to carrier, and this method lets you confirm your phone’s compatibility prior to purchase.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds made a huge splash when it launched as an ad-supported, free version of the viral iPhone game. This is the projectile-bird-based third-person shooter (well, it is one really) where you have to kill pigs because they stole your eggs. Who thought an animal cruelty game would be so popular?

Also Check Out: Angry Birds Seasons, the Hallowe’en/holiday-themed spin off game. It’s very similar to its iPhone version so check out my review of that over on iPhone.AppStorm.

Price: Free (ad-supported)

Angry Birds was viral on the iPhone and continued it's success on Android.

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed is one of the top choices if you want to kick back and enjoy some virtual driving. It’s had success on multiple platforms, most notably on high-definition consoles like the PlayStation 3, but also runs on Android. Strangely, there are several versions you can choose from so you’ll have to play about a bit on the online marketplace to work out which one your device (and carrier?) supports.

Also Check Out: Reckless Racing – Another driving game that takes a slightly different spin on things

Price: €3.77

Cue the lame driving noises.


While Angry Birds has continued fanfare on Android, the other viral game that came across from iOS, DoodleJump, does not. This very popular game acts just like its iPhone counterpart, where you move an avatar up a never-ending screen themed in one of several ways. It hasn’t had as many installs as Angry birds, but that’s probably due to it being a paid app.

Also Check Out: Mega Jump – not exactly a rip-off of DoodleJump, but it is free.

Price: $0.99 (USD)

Disclaimer: Screenshots are taken from iOS

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is yet another iPhone-convert that has seen success on the Android platform. In this game, you slice fruit (naturally, like a ninja) in order to avoid losing. Like Angry Birds, it’s a time-waster app that provides no constant gameplay but is fun nonetheless.

Price: $1.19 (AUD)

Slice that kiwi!

The Sims 3

The blockbuster PC game hit mobile back in 2009 and brings a mobile-optimized gameplay experience. If you’ve ever played The Sims for PC, you’ll know the scenario: you have a Sim person and you guide it through life. The gameplay is not quite the same as the full-blown desktop game but at a 12th of the price, you can’t expect much else.

Price: €3.77

Sim vs Trash Can


Uno is one of Gameloft’s successes on Android. It brings the classic card game to your phone and allows you to play multiplayer against both local contacts and over the net.

Price: $2.99



Tetris is EA’s Android-optimized version of the highly-popular retro game. This version brings EA’s high quality gameplay and graphics to Android devices and can provide hours of fun with several different game modes.

Also Check Out: Classic Tetris – A slightly worse, but still okay game, available for free

Price: €2.15


Game Dev Story

A game about developing games, who would have thought it? Game Dev Story is the pixel-art game that’s already sold tens of thousands of copies on Android. The idea is you are trying to develop a hit game and manage all aspects of its development from hiring staff to developing your own games console.

There’s also a “lite” version if your personal studio is on a budget.

Price: ¥400 (charged at £3.03 in the UK)

Let's make an awesome game about game development!

These are just the start

With Android’s new web marketplace, make sure you check out the whole catalog of kick-ass games available for Android. We’ve touched on a few EA and Gameloft games, but there are plenty more available in the marketplace.

You can access listings for all of Android’s available games either on your handset in the Market app under Games, or on the browser-based Market under that same category.

What games do you play on your Android device? Be sure to let us know below. Perhaps they’ll make it into our next games roundup!