Manage your company’s bookings anywhere with TrekkSoft

Web design apps often neglect to include eCommerce booking functions. TrekkSoft is a booking website builder which puts business needs at the center of web design. TrekkSoft allows tour operators and other booking-based businesses to build an integrated reservation system into their websites.

The company has a solid track record with booking systems, having been around since 2010 and claims to have processed over a million guests and more than 5,000 activities to-date. TrekkSoft is designed to work on any platform and, once setup, allows you to monitor and manage your booking system remotely. Note that the TrekkSoft Android app is only useful if you’ve already setup a booking system for TrekkSoft using the web app – the mobile app is simply to manage what you’ve already created.

Create a booking website in a flash

Creating a booking site is very easy though. TrekkSoft is extremely straightforward to get started with and while the claim that you can up and running in eight minutes might be stretching it, it makes it very easy to set up a booking-based website. The first steps are simply to sign up for a free account, define your regional settings such as head office location, currency and other links such as TripAdvisor profile and existing website address.

From there, you enter the Admin Dashboard where you can design and create a booking website that can accept bookings from customers on any device Worldwide. Apart from bookings, there’s also an Add-on and Shop feature which allows you to add extra services such as merchandise, travel insurance, photo packages, etc. to your inventory. This all then integrates with your existing website via a simple widget.

To design your booking site, you must use the TrekkSoft admin desk online first.

To design your booking site, you must use the TrekkSoft admin desk online first.

Manage and monitor bookings

TrekkSoft is more than just an e-commerce web building tool, though. It’s designed to help you manage your business from your desktop or mobile using the TrekkSoft mobile application. Once you’ve designed your booking site, you can then access it anywhere with the mobile app. The app gives you a general overview of upcoming activities, the ability to take a booking, and you can see how many guests or client have booked for a specified time and the number of places left that are still available via the Manage Booking feature. You can also edit the availability of how many more bookings you can take on the go.

The TrekkSoft main menu is simple to use

The TrekkSoft main menu is simple to use

The app conveniently allows you to view all bookings, availability and pricing in real time – there’s no waiting around for daily reports.

You can watch bookings in real time.

Track bookings in real time

Packed with useful features

Other useful features are the ability to make refunds or add new payments on the move. 

TrekkSoft also offers a lot of control over pricing in general such as: Adult, Child, Group or Special Packages.

Customers can also pay for trips on your Android device by swiping a credit or debit card through TrekkSoft’s own mobile card reader, although you must purchase the card reader separately. This connects to your mobile device via the headphone jack and allows you to take payment anywhere. You can also scan and validate tickets with your mobile camera to check for outstanding balances and track ticket usage.

Scan tickets with the TrekkSoft mobile scanner

Scan tickets with the TrekkSoft mobile scanner

The TrekkSoft mobile app is very simple and makes it easy to administer your site. The only slight usability issue is that TrekkSoft automatically logs you out if your screen locks or you switch to another browser window or tab. This can be a bit annoying if you’re multitasking. Presumably it’s done for security purposes but it would be nice to be able to deactivate this.

Subscription models

TrekkSoft’s pricing is quite competitive depending on the size of your business. You can try a 14 day free trial and then the Standard Plan costs $29 a month, Premium $79 a month and Professional $199 a month. The Standard Plan is pretty generous and includes your own custom domain, website builder, channel manager, mobile management, app, support and training.

The other plans include all of this plus minor differences but the main difference is the transaction fees charged by TrekkSoft. You get charged a 2% transaction fee per booking in The Standard Plan, 1% in the Premium Plan but there are no transaction charges in the Professional Plan. Therefore if you’re dealing with a lot of bookings, it makes more sense to go with the Professional version. There are also 15-25% discounts if you pay one or two years in advance. If you’re a large Enterprise with more than 12,000 bookings per year, there’s also an Enterprise version which offers other advantages including a white labeled app with the possibility to customize it for your brand and full API access. On all versions, there are no bandwidth or user limits either so you won’t face extra charges for high volumes of traffic or if you want to add more members of your team to administer it.


Overall, TrekkSoft offers an easy way to build an online booking business and the mobile app is a convenient and simple way to manage your booking business in real time wherever you are.

Check out more information about the TrekkSoft software and its features here


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