Md Saim Fattah, My Twitter Client: Tweetings

The perfect Twitter app would only exist in a utopian world where all the users have similar requirements and the same standards of judgment. Utopia is a myth and so is the existence of a perfect Twitter app. This realization though, took a long time and numerous Twitter clients, in coming. There is not a single Twitter app worth its salt on the Play Store that I have not tried. From the well known to the obscure, I have tested them all, liked some, hated many but loved none. After much ado, I came to the conclusion of sticking to the client that comes closest to fulfilling all of my Twitter needs, which brings me to Tweetings.

Tweetings, obviously, has all the usual features of a Twitter client well in place, placing it on par with most other clients and making it perfectly capable of being used as your default app. However, there are two telling features of Tweetings that tilt the balance decisively in its favor and clinch the deal for me.

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Push Notifications

I have an HTC Incredible S that does a great job of living up to its name but suffers invariably from that trademarked HTC problem. The battery life is pretty bad and that’s an understatement. Now, almost every Twitter app on the Play Store implements notifications using the polling feature. This involves a manual refresh or a user defined automatic refresh at a set time interval. I am quite active on Twitter and cannot afford to set the polling time intervals at more than 2/3 minutes which, needless to say, eats up the battery on my phone like a hungry monster.

On the other hand, Tweetings offers me the option of Push notifications, ie. instant notifications without putting too much of a load on the battery of my phone. The feature is implemented very well and not once have I missed a notification. This one option makes Tweetings a life saver and worthy enough of being my Twitter client. The only other app offering Push notifications is the official Twitter client, which pretty much makes the choice a no-brainer.

Tweetings comes with push notifications and custom tabs

Tweetings comes with push notifications and custom tabs

Custom Tabs

Twitter is many things to me, a place to connect with like-minded individuals, a platform to discuss various topics and interests and the main source of my daily diet of news. As such, I have a number of lists segregating the tweeps I follow into meaningful groups. That being the case, I need a Twitter app that implements lists well and Tweetings does not disappoint.

However, what truly nails it for me is that it offers the option of endless custom tabs that are configurable to show the timelines of all my lists. This effectively puts all my lists just a swipe or a single tap away, enabling me to seamlessly switch between them and keep an eye on them all. Other than lists, you can also configure the custom tabs to show trending topics, saved searches, your followers, tweeps you follow or even the timeline of a favorite user of yours — perfect for stalking, dare I say.


While the above mentioned features are the real hallmarks of the app for me, they are not the only tricks up its sleeve. Tweetings offers a plethora of customization options allowing me to design my tweeting experience exactly the way I want it to be.

Auto-shortening of urls, inline image previews, auto completion of usernames, custom font size, ability to color mark users, custom filter based search options, multi accounts support, hardware acceleration and GZIP compressing to reduce data traffic, and so on, are some of the many great things about Tweetings. A dual-pane layout, multiple image uploading services and an insanely feature-packed image editor that comes as a separate add-in are other notable mentions.

Full screen image viewer and user profile view

Full screen image viewer and user profile view


I am a stickler for good looking apps and like to ensure that every piece of software on my phone is well designed and beautiful. This is another area where Tweetings excels. The app brings all the above mentioned wonderful things in a pleasing, minimal and extremely convenient interface that makes my tweeting experience an absolute breeze. Simple, clean menu items, a dark and white theme and an amazing full screen, a translucent image viewer, all make the app a joy to behold.

Timeline and single tweet view

Timeline and single tweet view


Tweetings, unlike most of its competition, is a paid app, which stops me from recommending it to everyone. However, considering the unique features that it offers, I have no qualms in shelling out the cash and buying it. In my personal opinion, just the push notification feature is worth paying for and if that appeals to you, I strongly recommend you try Tweetings as well.