Why I Choose Android: Value, Variety and Support

I guess the reasons people have for choosing a mobile platform to work on depend on their work or lifestyle. My fellow writers Joe and Rita both wrote about their own reasons for choosing Android. Joe, being a developer, wrote about its openness, while Rita liked how you can customize almost everything.

I, on the other hand, have three main reasons – and this is coming from someone who’s fairly new to the OS. From a beginner’s point of view, here are the reasons why I decided to stick with Android.


I know in places like the United States, phones are usually acquired through a contract with mobile carriers. This is also a practice where I’m from, but it’s not the only way to go about getting a phone. Most people don’t have the steady income to support a monthly bill, so when they do have extra cash, they purchase the phone unlocked and pay for the actual retail price.

Like most people, I like to spend my hard-earned money wisely. While it may be tempting to treat myself to a high end device, it’s nice to know that, with a slew of Android-powered devices out there , I can still own one even with a conservative budget.

No matter how much (or how little) you want to spend on an Android device, you always end up getting so much more features and functionality. Two people can have both low and high-end phones but still enjoy the same Android version. While other platforms offer exclusivity, Android devices are inclusive – in a sense that manufacturers offer it on almost all their models, giving everyone a chance to check it out.

Retail prices (in PhP) of Android phones


From launchers to custom ROMs, the Android ecosystem is overflowing with resources to fulfill your every need. With apps being added every day, the Google Play Store is never a boring place. Owning an Android device will definitely make you an app addict at some point. Search “notes” and you get a long list of basic and advanced note-taking apps.

Being an addict can also make you try alternative stores to discover and download apps – GetJar, the Amazon Appstore and AppBrain are only a few of them. With these alternatives, customizing your search is made easier. Get paid apps for free with GetJar’s Gold apps feature or Amazon’s free app of the day. AppBrain is great for finding new apps with their Latest apps category. If you don’t mind spending, paid apps offer extra features and an ad-free interface.

GetJar and AppBrain

Again, Android continues to be inclusive with its app versatility – welcoming all sorts of preferences and personalities.


I’m no expert, but thanks to the online Android community, I was able to root and install a custom ROM on my phone without any problems. My go to site for Android tweaks has always been XDA Developers, but I first read about rooting basics on this very site in this article┬áby Ashish Bogawat.

The XDA-Developers mobile app

With this kind of support, it’s less daunting to try advanced modifications on your phone. Although I did have my hesitations and doubts, I placed my trust on these guides and finally got enough determination to do it.

There are other minor reasons why I choose Android, but these ones above are the ones that really matter. Last week, I had the opportunity to get a new phone and, of course, it’s still an Android phone. I now am a happy owner of an HTC Sensation (from HTC Wildfire). Because of the higher specs, I’m enjoying Android more than ever. This is not to say that I will never try other platforms. For now, Android fits my personality perfectly. At the end of the day, it’s the entire user experience that makes him stay or go – and I’m definitely staying with Android.