Weekly Poll: Do You Prefer Tablet-Optimized Apps?

Tablet-optimized apps on Android are akin to some rare pearls. Everyone assumes they exist but don’t know where, not many are persistent enough to go look for them, and if you do decide to search, you have to brace yourself for a lot disappointment. The Play Store, which could solve this discoverability problem, lacks a tablet-dedicated section and Google seems stubborn on keeping it this way which remains unsettling for new and old tablet owners alike.

After all, why do they need a tablet section when all Android apps scale usually very well between different sizes of screens on phones and tablets? And why risk the ridicule of a small number of apps if they ever create such a section and only few developers submit apps to it?

I do understand those points, but personally, I think the goal of a tablet is to provide more screen estate and more options to get things done faster. If I just see 2 more rows in an app on my 7″ tablet compared to my 4.8″ phone, and if I have to keep clicking Back and Options, then there’s no point in me having a tablet, is there?

That’s why, over the past year, I’ve made it my personal goal to mine and find as many tablet-optimized apps as I could. We’ve started covering these more frequently on Android.Appstorm with this handly link for the best apps for your Nexus 7, 10 and other Android tablet, and I personally maintain several Playboard channels with all of my recommendations for tablet apps in different categories.

What about you? Are you as focused on getting the best for your tablet as I am, or do you use whatever app does the job well, whether it’s optimized or not for the additional screen estate?