Weekly Poll: Is It Time You Bought a New Android?

My main phone is an HTC Desire, which I bought over a year ago, when it had just been released. I’m impressed by how well it runs even today; aside from a few processor-intensive games, I’ve not found any apps that I’d like to run, but that my phone just can’t handle.

Admittedly I am skimming over a few things here. First, the battery life gets used up pretty quickly, which perhaps isn’t the case on newer models (or newer batteries). Second, I’m not running the version of Android that came with the phone (HTC Sense); I rooted it and am now running CyanogenMod 7.

If I hadn’t rooted, I would have got frustrated with the Desire a long time ago, thanks to its tiny internal storage. As I covered in this article, many apps take up space in the Dalvik cache, which is on the internal storage, even if the apps themselves are stored on the SD card. Even with relatively few apps installed, I was always running out of space, meaning I couldn’t sync emails or install new apps. Fortunately, with CyanogenMod 7 I also installed DarkTremor SD, which lets a portion of the SD card act as an extension of the internal storage. I now have effectively 210MB of internal storage left unused — the Desire only has 148MB total out of the box!

So, I’m very happy with my Android, even though it’s old enough to have been superseded by the Desire HD and the Desire Z, and I see no need to upgrade it yet. What about you?