Weekly Poll: What Do You Like in An Alarm Clock App?

One of the first apps I ever bought for my first Android phone was Gentle Alarm – an excellent alarm clock app that I still use today.

I love the pre-alarm that plays (quietly) half an hour before the real alarm goes off, in case I’m almost awake. I love the ability to pick different playlists for my main alarm and pre-alarm. I love the mental arithmetic puzzles it makes me solve before I can turn it off (I’m getting pretty fast now). I love that I can adjust the next day’s alarm time with a couple of taps, without it having a permanent effect.

But I know other people prize other features of their alarm clocks. Matthew Higgins likes his alarm to record and analyse his sleep patterns. Ruairi likes his alarm to have a beautiful design. And many just like their alarm to make a noise at a set time in the morning — nothing more.

What about you?