Make Froyo Look Like Ice Cream Sandwich

…and we’re not talking about desserts. Read on to find out how to customise your Android 2.x handset to make it look like it’s running Android 4.0.

What is Ice Cream Sandwich?

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is Google’s newest brainchild in the field of Android. Along with all the great features of Android’s previous iterations, ICS includes a plethora of new ones. See this earlier post for full details; in today’s guide I will be focusing on ICS’s amazing slick theme and fresh new look! If you follow this guide, your homescreen will end up looking somewhat similar to this:

Gingerbread or ICS, can you tell?

Cool, huh? Now I’ll show you how to get started.

Getting Started/ Ingredients

For this guide to work you will need the necessary apps and icons. The relevant icons, wallpapers and docks can be downloaded below and apps can be installed normally via the Android Market. I have included a list of the items below; just click through and download or install:

Disclaimer: I take no credit for the great work below, they are all property of their respective owners.

  • Go Launcher (Note: This should work with all launchers, but this is the one I will be using for the course of this article)
  • Homescreen wallpapers and Dock Icons/ Background (Only necessary if you are not using Go Launcher as with Go Launcher these are included) (Credit: Icons: l0st.prophet, Backgrounds: mobile88.)
  • Launcher Theme (Go Launcher Only)
  • OS Theme (CM7 Users only – optional)
  • Roboto Font (Credit: clamui – Advanced users only recommended, flash with CWM)

Once the above items have finished downloading, connect your phone via  USB and copy over the files. You are now ready to proceed to the fun part: the actual customisation.

Customising Go Launcher

As I said above, I will be theming using Go Launcher but this guide is applicable to most launchers. If you are interested in why I am using Go Launcher over more popular launchers such as Zeam and Launcher Pro, I find that Go Launcher offers the most cutting edge features with great theming capabilities.

So let’s begin:

Step 1: Icons

Press the menu button on your device and select “Theme”. Select the Ice Cream Sandwich theme that you just downloaded. Next, tap and hold on the first dock icon and select replace, then select “Theme’s icon”. You will be presented with a dialog identical to the one below.

Follow the above steps, as detailed in the above paragraph

Next simply find the icons that you copied over earlier and select the one that is relevant to the shortcut that you are editing. Do this for the rest of your dock icons.

Step 2: Desktop

Once you are completed the above step it is time to move on to editing your actual desktop.

If your desktop is in anyway similar to mine you will have a row of four icons sitting at the very bottom. I find this layout to be the best as it allows room for more widgets, which we will be using now. To add a widget, long-press any empty space on your homescreen and a dialog box should pop up. Select “widget” in this dialog box. A list of widgets will present itself; we are looking for one, very appropriately titled “Ice Cream Sandwich Clock.”

Once you have found it and selected it it should be on your homescreen. It may not be centred at first as it is above in the screenshots, but that’s easy to fix: just long press the clock and drag it into the middle of the screen, where it will lock into that position.

Step 3: Shortcuts

Next we are going to add your shortcuts to your homescreen. To do this, just long tap on an empty place on your homescreen and select “Application.” From there, tick the boxes that correspond to the Apps that you would like on your homescreen. When you are completed select OK.

You will find that some of your icons are already themed, but you will notice that, if you use third party apps, they will stay as they were. Fret not, though. Just long tap an icon you would like to change and you will be presented with a dialog box similar to the one we saw above when changing dock icons. Here, select “Theme’s Icon” and select the one you want. Continue to do this until all your shortcuts with corresponding icons are themed.

Select Application

Step 4: Icon Labels

By now your homescreen will be starting to take shape. Next, you will need to press “Menu” and go into “Preferences.” From there select “App Icon Labels” and than “Show Labels (transparent background.)” This will give your text the ICS effect.

"Transparent Background" gives a modern effect to your shortcuts

Step 5: Wallpaper

Your final step is to select your wallpaper. Probably the most enjoyable of the instructions. Just like above, long tap anywhere empty on the homescreen and select “Wallpaper.” Then select “Ice Cream Sandwich” and pick whichever one catches your eye!

Step 6: CM7 Theme and Font (Optional, Advanced)

If you are running CM7 and have installed the theme, just head into “Theme Chooser,” and select it there. Also, for the font just boot into ClockworkMod and flash it in there.

The Result

Congratulations! Your homescreen should now be the coolest design around. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will tend to them as quick as I possibly can. If you want to see how amazing the transformation is, look no further than directly below here.

Ta- Da!