How to Forward Calls on Android

Call forwarding is the diversion of a call that Wikipedia defines as allowing “an incoming call to a called party, which would be otherwise unavailable, to be redirected to a mobile telephone or other telephone number where the desired called party is situated”. However, it’s a lot simpler than that sounds — basically, we’re talking about redirecting an incoming call to another phone number.

On Android, there are a couple of different ways that you can forward calls, including the ability to forward missed call information to an email address. This is especially useful if you left your phone at home before your commute to work, or if you just lost your phone but still want to keep on top of things. Let’s take a look at some applications to help in these situations.

Forwarding Calls to a New Number

Simple Call Forwarding

As the name suggests, this application is super simple. Simple Call Forwarding is really a widget that forwards your calls to a new number on one of several support carriers in the UK and the US.

To set up call forwarding in this application, launch it. Then choose your carrier and type in the number you want to be forwarded to. After that, you just have to add the widget to your home screen and then flick the switch to enable call forwarding at will.

Simple Call Forwarding works on five carriers in the US and two in the UK, and costs just $0.99 on the Android Market.

Simple Call Forwarding

Forgot Your Phone

Forgot Your Phone is another call forwarding application that has an ingenious way of activating itself. You do all the setting up in the application itself, but the forwarding is enabled by a text that includes your own password.

To setup forwarding in this application, you simply need to create a password in the app. If you want to enabled call forwarding, it’s just a text away. Simply send an SMS to your phone in the format of “TL abcd FRWD 9999999999” where you replace the nines with your desired number and ‘abcd’ with your password. Replace “FRWD” with “SMS” to forward SMS messages.

Some of the other apps, while they most likely function well, seem impractical if you’ve lost your phone and still want to retrieve call and SMS alerts. I really appreciate the remote enabling that this application features. It means this free application is probably more useful than some of the paid ones.

Forgot Your Phone is free (a rather great deal!) on the Android Market.

Forgot Your Phone

Forwarding SMSs to a New Number

SMS Forwarding

Continuing the innovative name spree, SMS Forwarding forwards your SMS messages to a new destination number. In addition to forwarding SMS to a new number, SMS Forwarding allows you to send alerts to an email account as well.

SMS Forwarding throws in a few useful additional features. These include: filtering contacts, deleting SMS messages once they’ve been forwarded, and even sending a notice when you’re running out of power!

In this application, to set up SMS forwarding you simply need to open up the settings of this application and add a destination number or an email address. Then, simply check the box when you want to enable forwarding. It’s so easy and it feels just as if it were part of the stock settings app.

SMS Forwarding is free on the Android Market.

SMS Forwarding


PassItForward is an SMS forwarder that’s as powerful as it is simple. And it’s pretty simple. Enabled with just a checkbox, PassItForward will forward your SMSs. However, what makes this application unique is you can set convenient time and date limits for forwarding so you can limit the action to only work while you’re at the office, or while you’re out.

To enable forwarding in PassItForward, set up a forwarding number and, if you want, the maximum number of forwards. Then, choose the days and times for when you want forwarding to be enabled.

PassItForward is free on the Android Market.


Forwarding to Email Addresses

Phone Control

Phone Control can forward both texts and call logs as SMS or emails. Everything is password protected so no-one can interfere with your settings.

To set up forwarding, you only need to type in a password (either the default or a user-defined one). Then, like all the applications, add your number and enable forwarding. Or, if you want email notifications, add your address and check the relevant boxes.

Phone Control is free on the Android Market.

Phone Control

Forgotten Phone

Forgotten Phone is an all-in-one app that forwards missed calls and text messages to an email address. Instead of being a regular call/text forwarding application, Forgotten Phone bills itself as a solution to a scenario in which you forget your phone but want to stay on top of things at work or school.

To set up Forgotten Phone, you don’t really have to deviate from what we’ve been doing with the other applications. Just type in your email address and then enable the various items that you want forwarded.

Forgotten Phone is a new release and is at an “introductory price” of $1 but will go up to $2 shortly. It is available on the Android Market.

Forgotten Phone

Which is the Best?

Whichever is best depends on what you want from the application. If you get a new phone number and want to forward calls, then I’d personally suggest SMS Forwarding, with its 4.5 star rating in the Android Market. If you’re looking for a scheduled service you can use while at work or at school, then I’d highly recommend PassItForward with its date/time-based settings.