Text from Your Tablet or Browser With MightyText

It’s no secret that I have a lot of devices at my disposal including phones, tablets, computers, and even Google TV. I like that pretty much from any place in my apartment — or office, or coffeeshop I happen to be working at — I can use any of those devices to do things like read, check the weather, or whatever Internet-based task I have to perform. However, when it came to texting I was locked down to using my phone for a long time; all of that changed with MightyText.

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MightyText is a cross-platform app that works natively on Android phones and tablets, as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, and as a web-based application. That means you can visit MightyText from your Kindle Fire, PC, Mac, or even your iPad to send texts. Today I’m going to tell you how.

MightyText on Your Phone

The absolutely essential part of this equation is MightyText for your Android Phone. When you install this app, it will ask you to authenticate with your Google login information and associate your phone with your Google Account. This will allow MightyText to synchronize the text messages sent to and from your phone to other devices.

Setting up MightyText on Android.

Setting up MightyText on Android.

Once configured, MightyText on the phone doesn’t do much else. It will run in the background and relay texts to other devices.

I suspect MightyText sends your messages to a server first, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, this might not be the solution for you. It is also worth noting that all messages are sent securely over HTTPS.

MightyText in the Browser

This is where the real magic happens. Once a text message is sent to your phone, MightyText will relay it to your browser, where you can read and reply, and even view photos.

Unfortunately, it does not support iPhone mass-texts, so if someone sends a text to multiple people from their iPhone, you will have to use your phone to view it.

Setting the browser extension up is pretty easy. MightyText supplies instructions for all three major browsers here. Right now, there is a native Chrome extension, a third party Firefox extension, and support (in IE9+) for the MightyText web app.

MightyText in Chrome.

MightyText in Chrome.

I use Chrome as my primary browser so I’ve been using MightyText’s native Chrome extension and it works pretty well, but you’re not limited to Chrome to get all of the features. It includes popup notifications, with settings for how long they stay up, in Chrome, Firefox, and IE  — sorry Sarfari users, it’s marked as Coming Soon for you —and the ability to automatically import your Contact list so you have names and photos to go along with numbers, as well as a really cool looking “powerview” interface that allows you to view multiple contact windows at once.

MightyText PowerView

MightyText PowerView

The Chrome extension also allows you to open contacts in new Chrome windows when you click on the popups, so you can keep one or more people up without having to switch to the MightyText tab.

MightyText on a Tablet

The final piece of this puzzle, and the most recent one, is the ability to text from your tablet. MightyText recently released a native tablet app so you have all of the power of the browser extension right on your tablet.

MightyText for Android Tablets

MightyText for Android Tablets

You get a nice, simple interface with your most recent contacts and a list of text messages you’ve sent a received. The app also supports push notifications.

Notifications on Android Tablets

Notifications on Android Tablets

Using MightyText on non-Android Tablets

I know this is an Android site, so that should be my primary focus, but as I mentioned before, you can use a MightyText web-based app on the iPad and Kindle Fire. This will provide the same interface as pictured above for Chrome. For all of the browsers, almost all of the functionality, save for the popups, is performed via a web-based interface. It’s also worth noting that the fine people at MightyText have said they are working on a native app for both the iPad and the Kindle Fire.

Since it’s browser based and works in later versions of IE, I’d imagine it also works on the Surface, but I haven’t personally been able to confirm that.


Cross-platform messaging is something that people have been working on for quite a while. With tools like Google Talk, iMessage, Kik, and more, developers have been trying to find the best way for people to be able to message from a single ID across many devices. I think that MightyText has solved that problem in the best way. You, the user, can text people from any devices you’d like, and the recipients do not need to do anything special in order to receive messages. While there are some kinks to work out, I think as MightyText gains momentum, it will grow into something that can rival iMessage.

Will you start using MightyText now, or do you use an alternative? Let us know in the comments!

  • Matt

    I’m going to install it right now. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, and I hope I may have found it.

    • Matt

      Damn, not compatible with the Asus Transformer Infinity.

      • http://casabona.org/ Joe Casabona

        Bummer! That’s the tablet right? You won’t get push notifications, but you can still access the web app from your browser, as long as you install the actual app on your phone. That’s here: https://mightytext.net/web/

  • Maritza

    I tried MightyText before and I didn’t like it, most of my messages wouldn’t sync. CloudSMS is my favorite alternative though!

  • vbdx66

    I have a Samsung Tab 2 7.0 but no smartphone, just a plain mobile phone so mighty text won’t work for me. So I use Line, it has the flavor if iMessage but it works on almost all platforms – iOS, Android, Bkackberry, Windows, Mac OS.,.you name it. This is absolutely brilliant, from France I can text and call my best friend in Austria and my brother in Belgium. Give it a try, you will love this app! You can akso send photos and videos and leave voice messages behind.
    If I want to do regular text messaging from my Tab, I use Friencaller.
    Last but not least, I use my landline from my Tab with a SIP client everywhere where there us a wifi connection. Now who on Earth does still need a smartphone…? When I really do need a mobile phone, my Samsung Chat does the job and is plenty sufficient.

  • pawleysjim

    Zipwhip does the same thing and works great on my vista, win7, sg4g phone and n7-32

  • Wendy A Crowe

    Which one is the best for the Samsung Galaxy 10.1? Has anyone tried anything w/ it so far? I’d really like to know since we live in CO & our Hometown is in PA.

  • Christopher

    I actually use tablet talk. It bluetooths to my Samsung AV and nexus 7. It can also be used as a phone dialer when used in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset. Connect headset to phone. Connect tablet to phone via tablet talk. Leave phone in pocket and get to work. All texts and calls pop up on your tablet while working.

  • Ricardo

    Errr… I dont get it…. is there anything wrong with you mobile? Mine is OK so I Dont See The point of using other device for SMS. Well, only if it runs out of battery, but then it wouldnt sync anyway… More… if I use This, the Battery will be gone in a click. See no good in the concept.

    • http://casabona.org/ Joe Casabona

      I find typing on a keyboard easier than a touch screen. I also keep my phone plugged in at home and I can leave it in one room and then text from either my computer or my tablet, which are in other rooms. It’s a free app that makes texting more convenient.

  • David

    I see no point in this app. Google Voice already synchs all my texts for my phone, tablet, and computer. And it does so flawlessly

    • http://casabona.org/ Joe Casabona

      True- though I use Google Voice for my business number. I want to keep my personal and business lines separate. MightyText let’s me do everything you can with Google Voice, from any device, for any number I want.

  • Michael J Morgan

    I have Verizon and am on an old Alltel plan that is Grandfathered in so I have unlimited Data but no texting plan as unlimited texting cost $20.00 a month so I use Free Text apps.
    Which are Pinger and Textfree both are the same company and you get a real phone number that is the same for apps to send and receive texts on.
    Pinger is strictly a phone app but textfree which also is an app on your phone but you can also access from any browser from their website http://www.pinger.com/tfw by logging in and you can send and receive texts there plus you can add photos to send as well and its Free too. I’ve been using it for almost 3 yrs now.
    You might give it a try if you are on a budget or if you want to text to someone who does not have texting or a phone but has internet access. I use this to text with my 75 yr old mother who has trouble typing on a phone but can do easily on the computer.
    Just thought I would share this info.

  • Scott

    I have been using MySMS, seems to be the same functionality as might SMS

  • http://casabona.org/ Joe Casabona

    Looks like there’s a lot of good alternatives! I’m really happy with MightyText (esp since they are launching a redesigned web app soon), but I’ll definitely have to try some of these other ones out! Thanks all!

  • arh25

    so which app can i use to send and receive texts from my Nexus 7 given that I have no smart phone and no text plan for my basic cell phone?

    • http://bit.ly/khouryrt Rita El Khoury

      I think you can get a Google Voice number and use that.

  • Jim Whitmer

    love Mighty Text App on my desktop and Android phone – would love to have it on my iPad. WHEN?

    • Kristen

      how did you get this on your desktop? I don’t want to have my browser open constantly

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