While Android moves closer and closer to world domination, there is still one very important place it’s lacking: syncing to your computer. There is a void that needs to be filled here by Google, because at the moment Android phones come with no desktop software to do things like sync your calendar, address book, music, and photos (aside from syncing to your Google account). SyncMate, an Android app with accompanying Mac desktop software, hopes to fill that void for OS X users.


You’ve got your new Android phone set up with some essential apps installed. Everything is set up just how you want it, but it’s the end of the day and you just want to waste some time. So what’s next? Games!

There’s a wide variety of games for the Android platform, a lot of them from EA’s Mobile division. Whether you’re looking for fun games to spend hours on or just a viral one to waste a few minutes, there’s probably something for you. Let’s hit play… (more…)

Back in January, Darren Meehan rounded up some of the best keyboards available for your Android device.

Being able to choose between different keyboards is one area where stock Android beats stock iOS. But how many of you actually use this feature? And, for those of you that do, which keyboard have you picked?

This week, we’re asking you what you use as your main keyboard. Let us know by voting in the poll, and leave a comment to share why you picked it.

An Introduction

Metro UI is a new and alluring Home Screen for Android. It’s been in development for approximately two months by Joe Chrisman, who took to the Windows Phone 7 interface when he saw it used on the TV adverts. Somewhat smitten, he looked into the Android Market to see if a clone of the interface had already been made for Android. Though he found one, Joe was disappointed by the poor speed and behaviour the application gave him. Determined to give his phone the Metro-Effect, he sat down and started coding his own version: Metro UI.

Metro UI’s current purpose is to serve as a clone of the Metro-style interface Windows Phone 7 boasts. I suppose there are no practical advantages to using it other than to have a taster of the WP7 interface, and to have a neat-transitioning fast Home Screen, both of which are rare!


Android recently overtook Nokia’s Symbian to become the top smartphone platform, according to Q4 2010 shipment numbers, with an apparent 33.3 million people rocking Android. The full data, credited to Canalys, suggest that Google gained 32.9% market share in the final quarter of 2010, pushing Nokia down to only 30.6% and Apple to a measly 16%. However, what does what actually mean? How did that actually happen? And what’s next for Google and the mobile industry?

The biggest shock from these results us the Nokia downturn, which is cited to be because of weak smartphone sales against Android and iOS. Apple’s one-and-a-half phone strategy still garnered them a nice 16% share (which, if my math is correct, is around $10 billion in revenue) but Google’s every-shape, every-size attitude netted them a phenomenal 33.3 million shipments. (more…)

Whilst discussing computer viruses, Stephen Hawking is quoted to have said, “I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive.”

The man had a good point. Any man-made medium is open to exploitation and as such users of that medium are also fair game.

Nowadays, the broader term “Malware” pretty much covers all the nasty things which can infect and affect your computer. Smartphones, becoming ever more powerful and now used by millions of people, are often ignored when it comes to protection from Malware. I think this is down to the traditional mindset of mobile phones being at a very low risk of infection and how, despite the awesome power of today’s smartphones, we still feel safe inside that protective bubble.

Today we’ll get a glimpse of Lookout, a commendable application for protecting your phone.

Whether you take part in sports, want to lose (or gain) weight, or have a job where your fitness is important, it’s absolutely essential that you stay on top of your nutrition and your calories. Whatever you’re doing, you need to accurately record how many calories you consume versus how many you use up; this way you can successfully either lose, gain or keep at your weight.

MyFitnessPal is a really useful app for Android that helps you do exactly this. Let’s take a closer look at how the app works, and how you can use it to help you lead a healthier lifestyle at the weight you want.

There was once a time where the best of the best was limited to the most expensive handsets. To an extent, that is still true of the iPhone and high-end Android & BlackBerry devices. However, the open-source background of Android allows manufactures to install Android on any device they want, without stringent specification requirements.

Certainly, you should opt for the best phone possible to maximize speed and efficiency during your experience with Android, but what if you’re on a budget? Again, due to Android, phone-makers can pass off low-powered handsets as “smartphones” . That’s not true of the entry-level HTC Wildfire, which sports a relativity slick set of internals and a premium HTC Sense experience for under £200 (PAYG). (more…)

Audible has been the face of audiobooks for the past decade and has now made its way to the Android platform.  As a dedicated application, Audible brings a complete experience, which Android users have been missing, for mobile bookworms everywhere.

Audible was introduced last year, filling the void of a true audiobook manager within the stock Android music player. Compared to Android’s lifelong rival iOS, the little green robot had no answer for the iTunes integration with audiobooks. The dedicated Audible application is the robust solution mobile audio-bookworms have been waiting for.

Owners of high-end Android phones love the rapid development of the Android platform, especially if their carrier provides them with its awesome updates once they’re available, or if they’re rooted. Though, as with most love stories, some potential suitors are heart broken: mainly early adopters whose phones are stuck with Android 1.6.

The strengths of Android are also working against itself as a successful platform – with developers of Android pushing out new releases at an astounding rate and hardware supporting the platform also improving rapidly, many users are “being left behind” in the race to the perfect mobile OS.

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