Looking to Buy or Sell Locally? Give EggDrop a Shot

Selling on eBay or Craigslist can be a bit challenging for some, and cumbersome even if you know what you’re doing. The Android apps available for them mimic their parent sites, and with that carry some difficulties for those that are new to selling things online.

EggCartel has came up with a very easy and smooth app called EggDrop that does a lot of work for you.

Profile and Categories

Sign Up

Upon signing up (from within the app) you are greeted with a page that lets you easily access your items that you have ‘for sale’ or the ones that other users ‘want’. The app will automatically sign you in upon opening it from this point on so there is no time wasted entering a username each time.

You can narrow your search, breaking it down by:

  • Categories: Electronics, Sporting Goods, furniture, etc.
  • Newest Posts in your area
  • Most Popular: Based on what’s being viewed the most
  • Nearest: Based on active location services

There are no payment options in EggDrop; that’s left up to the user. Providing PayPal info for a transaction can easily be done just be sure to keep track of receipts and records. I can also see the use of Square here being used by some small businesses, as well as by frequent users.

Items for sale and Items wanted

Your Page

When viewing your page you can see your username as well as items you are watching, buying, selling, and that you want, with a counter for your Buys and Sells. There is a ranking system users can give as well, displayed as your ‘Karma’. There are also two tabs that show sales receipts and purchase receipts that are generated after a transaction has been made. The ability to give and save sales receipts is a great way to keep track of items you have sold or purchased, to keep yourself organised.

The look and feel of this application is very smooth. While the concept has been around for a while of buying and selling items locally using the internet, this application really breaks it down and makes it unbelievably simple for Android users. It is very easy to navigate and walks you through posting as well as finding an item of interest.

Also included is an automatic “post to Craigslist” function, and one to ‘promote’ items on Facebook or Twitter. You would think an application like this would be focused on itself, rather than dragging in other services to help you promote your sale, so this very interesting and efficient. Similarly, I was pleasantly surprised when it notified me that my items were automatically reposted on EggDrop after their seven day expiration date.

Options for posting

This ‘auto-relist’ feature can be turned off as well, and does not update Craigslist with a new posting.

Now, you can de-streamline this, if your prefer, just as you can choose to log out and avoid the auto-login feature, in case you’re worried about security.

Be Safe

I found it really great that EggDrop gives you tips to help you out – as a buyer or seller. In the Help file there are a few ‘Safety’ tips, which is a great idea; it can be intimidating meeting someone for the first time to trade, and this area gives you a few pointers.

Personally, I would meet in a supermarket parking lot or a bank. (I’ve even met at the mall to make sales.) I have never and probably will never leave the invitation open for a complete stranger to come directly to where I live, simply because the internet houses some strange people. My advice to you is to make sure you read this before actually using the app.

Haggling Prices

The best thing about this app, compared to similar marketplaces, is that it allows you to haggle prices with sellers, making it somewhat of an open forum. It also allows you to contact and chat with them in real-time.

Items pages

This, in my opinion, makes EggDrop a very valuable app for anyone looking to buy or sell. There’s no emailing back and forth and it’s all contained to just the application itself.

Try It Out

In my opinion this is a very well-rounded selling and buying application that I really do almost use just about everyday. Local vendors offer goods and items for sale and I can see instantly how far away they are from my current location.

Okay, I must admit that nobody has bought or even made an offer on my two Xboxes I have in pieces, but I have hope that with the posts on the app and on Craigslist that it might happen. I have spoken to sellers in regards to their items they’ve posted and the whole process is pretty great. Honestly, I do feel like this offers a much nicer all around experience for buying and selling than other apps offered. Give it a shot, it’s free!


Buy and sell locally on your Android device. You can't beat the price of free so give it a shot.