The New and Improved TweetCaster

My obsession with Twitter had me testing every other Twitter client for Android. Upon searching, I came across TweetCaster. At that time, I thought it was the most feature-rich app I’ve seen. However, it lacked one feature I was looking for: scheduling tweets to send later.

A few months after this, TweetCaster was updated to do exactly what I wished it was able to do. The developers added a Post Later option that completely won me over and made me dump my previous Twitter app (Hootsuite). If you’re doubtful about this app, then read on to find out why I love it.

User Interface

The app’s UI is designed to accommodate lots of features, so it may look a bit more cluttered than, say, Twitter’s official app. In this regard, I do miss Twitter’s minimalist approach.

TweetCaster, on the other hand, likes it loud and vivid. With its latest update, the app now offers 12 color-based themes to choose from. Adding to its usual light and dark themes, the app keeps your timeline visually interesting with bold color choices.

Fire Engine Red & Orange Crush themes


As it’s a feature-heavy app, using TweetCaster might be overwhelming at first. There are tons of options in almost every menu or button you tap. To narrow these features down, let’s look at the ones you’re more likely to use on a regular basis.

Zip It

This feature allows you to hide tweets from users without actually unfollowing them – or alternatively hiding all tweets containing certain hashtags or keywords.

Hide tweets with Zip It

Simply long press on the tweet you want to hide and tap Zip It. It should give you a list of elements from that tweet and you can choose which ones you want to hide. This action is only temporary, and this can be undone by tapping on a “zipped” tweet on the timeline and choosing Unzip.

Retweet With Comment

Some Twitter users prefer to use the old “RT” method of retweeting, rather than Twitter’s newer retweet button or TweetDeck’s “quote tweet”. It allows them to add a comment to the tweet and interact with the original poster; standard Twitter retweets are easy to miss.

Use the old RT method

With TweetCaster, long pressing on a tweet will give you an option to either Retweet or Retweet with Comment.

Smart Filter

Smart Filter lets you view your stream through a specific filter: type a keyword and it will show you only tweets containing the specified keyword. You can also filter tweets for those with photos, videos or links. This comes handy when there’s something very specific you’re looking for in your timeline, though not necessarily across the entire Twitter network.

Filter your tweets accordingly

Quick Follow

If you’re in a hurry and know the Twitter handle of someone you want to follow, you can tap Quick Follow from the menu, and just type in their username to follow them. That’s it, you’re done!

Copy Tweet

Sometimes you don’t necessarily want to retweet what you read – maybe you just want to copy it and share it somewhere else. (I find myself doing this with quotes, technical information, stats, and so on.) With TweetCaster, you have an option to copy a tweet to the clipboard and paste it wherever you want.

Post Later

As mentioned in the intro, this feature allows you to set a future date and time to send a tweet. However, it’s a bit tricky to use; Post Later is one of the options that pops up after writing a tweet and hitting the phone’s Back key, as if you’re trying to cancel the action.

Note that your phone must have Internet connectivity at the scheduled time for it to work.

Schedule your tweets with Post Later

Back to the future

Other Features

TweetCaster’s other features are those I expect to come with any Twitter client: the ability to choose a URL shortening service, alter my notification settings, use multiple accounts, and so on.

However, one other feature that may not be present in most of the other apps is the ability to see who retweeted your tweets using the standard Retweet button in Twitter. Simply tap a tweet and then tap Who Retweeted This to see the list.

See users who retweeted a tweet


There are lots of Twitter apps out there, and at the end of the day, we all just really want to tweet smoothly and with little difficulty.

One issue that other users have with this app is the presence of ads that show up on the bottom of the screen. In my opinion, it’s a small price to pay considering the app is free. If ads are out of the question for you, there is a paid version available.

For regular and advanced Twitter users, TweetCaster is as good as it gets. The user interface is intuitive enough for fairly knowledgeable users – with the exception of Post Later, which took a bit of guessing before figuring out how it worked. For a new feature, this definitely needs improvement.

For beginners, the app might be confusing and overwhelming at first, but it’s a great way to understand how Twitter works. With time and constant usage, TweetCaster can make any Twitter newbie tweet like a pro.


A multi-functional client for Twitter.