PlayUp: Sports Gets Social

Whatever your game is – NBA, Premier League, rugby, cricket, hockey, or almost anything else – PlayUp can connect you to other fans so you can chat about the game, celebrate victories, and commiserate brutal defeats. It also serves up live scores and stats, to keep you up to date.

The Basics

PlayUp allows you to share and IM, almost exactly like Facebook or Twitter, but focusing on a a little more than just general socializing. You choose which sport you want to keep updated on, and have the option of selecting either a live game or a past game; PlayUp then displays the game’s stats along with the posts of other users that are keeping themselves updated on the same game.

PlayUp Menu

PlayUp Menu

PlayUp also allows any user to create different rooms and private chats during a current game, which makes socializing even more simple. The basic interface of the app is very clean and easy to use, even for people new to Android. There are many other sports apps for score updates, like ScoreMobile and ESPN ScoreCenter, but they lack the social features of PlayUp.

Social Features

While posting about your games you may share your favorite posts with Facebook and also Twitter. PlayUp is focused on the game scores and keeping you updated, offering notifications for scores, friend alerts, team scores, private messages, posts, hangouts, and more. As well as all this, the app also makes it easy invite other friends from Facebook and Twitter.

PlayUp Game Stats

PlayUp Game Stats

The social features do require Facebook and Twitter to use them fully, unfortunately; I hope they will add an email login for the users who do not want to link their other social accounts.

Messaging and Posts

The app allows you to post both public and private messages to your friends and other sports fans. The messaging adds a great feature that other game score apps do not have available; it is very easy and clean and makes watching sports just that bit more entertaining.

However, the first time I checked out the posts on a game’s page, they were quite full of spam. PlayUp may currently be working on the issue of spam, but currently this does cause a very big issue with socializing and the complete experience of the app itself.

Graphical Interface

The application itself is easy to use and is looks great. PlayUp has sliders and clear buttons for ease of use, and overall feels very sleek and well made.

When viewing posts and replying to them, sharing them is just one button away. The sharing buttons for posts and feeds are right above they keyboard which I love – much better than having a drop-down menu or having the options off to the side somewhere. Details like this really add up.

Score Feed

PlayUp offers an enormous amount of sports to choose from, with live scores and stats for over 28,000 games. It also offers boards of currently live games to choose from across the world.

After choosing which game category you would like to view, you may choose whether you want a live game, a past game or an upcoming game. It shows the current scores between teams, and you may easily change the week and day to filter games.

PlayUp Live and Past Games

PlayUp Live and Past Games

At the end of the game you have chosen, the app displays a pop-up box of the last play with the player name and other information. It also displays the top performances of the total players and their info.

Available Languages

At the moment PlayUp only supports English, Italian, and Korean. The last two languages are recent additions, so I think it’s likely that more languages will be added as the app grows.

App Permissions

The app itself has access to quite a few permissions – phone calls, storage, system tools, hardware and vibration controls, and all network communication tools – but does not overload with unneeded app persmissions so seems safe to use.


PlayUp is missing some great features that other apps have – for instance, other apps have a wide range of subjects of videos, such as footage of the games, special plays, and interviews with the players. There’s also no sports news feed covering general information about matches, announcements, and so on.

That’s not necessarily a problem; just bear in mind that this is primarily a social app, not a sports news and info app.

Final Thoughts

PlayUp gives you way more than just a way to catch up on scores, it gives you a whole new way to interact and share with other sports fans. Compared to the other sports apps available on Android, PlayUp is missing some great features as listed above, but does have some unique features that may make up for that, depending on what you’re looking for.

When I used it I had a great experience with the app itself. I did have minor issues with loading some elements but the issues stopped after some time, so I’m not sure whether it was an issue with my phone or on PlayUp’s end. I would highly reccomend PlayUp to any hardcore sports fans.


PlayUp allows users to keep updated on the latest game scores and chat with other fans and friends.