Cocktail Flow Helps You Win at Playing Bartender

Whether you are a true bartender or just playing one at your next party, Cocktail Flow makes short work of serving up everyone’s favorite libation. The app wows with its easy to use (and easy on the eyes) interface, making it the best designed, most über functional cocktail app on Google Play. Having this app on your Android phone is like having a Gary Vaynerchuk for cocktails in your pocket.

The app is a gold mine with its cocktail recipe database that in addition to suggesting similar cocktails, tells you which cocktails go with the ingredients at hand, and how to optimize your shopping trip to eliminate last-minute beer runs. The app’s functionality extends well beyond an appified recipe book.

The Install’s a Breeze…

The Cocktail Flow app is free for your Android phone and includes over 150 recipes to get you started. Installing the app is straightforward and the app respects you by not asking you to connect it to Facebook or Twitter accounts – a courtesy expected from an app as well designed as this one.

Cocktail Flow can cut time spent planning and mixing drinks (and throwing a party) by half. The downloadable Cocktail Packages make throwing an authentic themed party easy whether your flavor is St. Patrick’s day or Super Bowl night.

Whistle-wetting Design ft. Lick-able Pixels

Cocktail Flow boasts a grand set of features and an even more impressive list of cocktails but where the app truly takes the cake is its interface. The app’s design flows across all its features, making it easier to use instead of just being a shiny coat of paint disguising a design-as-an-afterthought philosophy.

The moment you pop open the app, you’re presented with a home-screen that aims to get you mixing immediately. The over-sized pictures help give your final mix a quick visual check against the recipe – which turns up right most of the time because of the neatly labelled iconography and easy instructions.

It can get difficult to figure out which ingredient is which after a few whiskey sours which is why the distinctly laid out steps and labels are a big help.

The Similar Drinks option shows pictures of drinks up close and it is easy to appreciate how the app shows you what kind of glassware the drink is usually served in throughout the process.

Makes Recipe Books Look Ancient

Cocktail Flow is like a first aid box for moments when vodka shots won’t do. It also acts as a shopping assistant, mixology guide, party trick pony, and memory ball.

Your Girlfriend’s Parents Are Coming Over…

…And there isn’t enough time for a beer run! Cocktail Flow has an Ingredients in the cabinet feature where the app lets you know which cocktails you can make with the ingredients at hand.

You can have the app stock a list of everything in your bar and churn out a list of drinks you can whip up. If you’re missing a mixer or two, the app will alert you so that you can expand your serving range without maxing out your Visa.

Want to Surprise Without Expertise?

Want to surprise your friends with the most summery of cocktails but don’t want to spend hours learning mixology? The Surprise Me and the Similar Drinks features help you whip up a novel cocktail in record time. After all, anecdotal evidence suggests that the most common request a bartender gets other than for relationship advice is “Surprise me”. Now, if only Cocktail Flow let you shake your phone to get a new random drink, cocktail-pong would be a mainstream sport.

Your Boss Just Requested a New Yorker at Your BBQ But You Don’t Have the Ingredients?

Making the perfect cocktail necessitates that a mixologist invoke the best ingredients and skill. When either are lacking, the Similar Cocktails feature helps channel a successful cocktail lunch. By using what seems like fuzzy logic, the app can suggest similar drinks that fit the weather, the occasion, and of course the palate, the same way that the original would.

This feature is priceless when you’re running your bar with limited stock or if you’d like to be known as “Jim, who suggests the best cocktails” on the circuit.

Need to Throw a Party On a Budget?

Cocktail Flow’s smart shopping assistant helps you get the most value out of your bar stocking trip by planning what the total damage to your wallet will be before you set foot into the store. The app optimizes purchases by helping pick ingredients common to most cocktails allowing an assortment of cocktails to be mixed up with a few bottles of mixers and liqueurs.

NFL Party Next Week and You Want Game Drinks?

Cocktail Flow’s implementation of DLCs rival Angry Birds’, except that it is more useful.

The regularly updated special theme packages like New Years, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Halloween, and St Patrick’s day give you instant cocktail classics and mixed specials to color the festive season. Theme packages are divvied up by special occasions, holidays, and, drink family, though the Super Bowl special “Big Game” package falls into all three!

With Quick Kick, Brady Bomb, Go For It on 4th Down, and Manning Martini all part of the Big Game package, you can class up game night without brain-racking planning.

Struggling to Name the Green Shooter You Had Last Week?

Cocktail Flow isn’t Shazam but its nested search filters can help pick out the drink you had as long as it was mixed the IBA way. Cocktails are split by base drink, type, and, by color. Frat parties and local team wins just got a dash of the customized cocktail menu!

Is Cocktail Flow the Next Quick Draw, McStraw?

The app performs leagues better than overly-aggressive “guest bartenders” splashing your mojitos all over the kitchen, and is responsive without lag, even with the animated bubbles in the Bellini illustration. Purchasing a theme package is straightforward, though I did have to restart the app to see it in my packages list.

Cocktail Flow – the mixologist’s best friend?

For anyone who’s been rummaging around the Play Store looking for the perfect mixology app, Cocktail Flow is a drink of fresh minty mojito. Apps like Mixologist and 8,500+ Drink Recipes serve up ten times the recipes that Cocktail Flow does but neither of them excel at answering the “Which cocktail?” question better.

The app best serves the amateur mixologist, and its theme packages makes planning parties easier by bunching drinks that go together, preventing hangovers and making your guests feel like they’re’ in the company of a true connoisseur d’ mixologie.

After all, if you already know which cocktail you want, a quick Google search will yield the recipe you desire.

Is There Room For a Cocktail Flow Pro?

The only feature that has yet required that I whip out another app while cradling a mixing spoon is the want of more drinks in more theme packages. A lot of Googling and a lit bit of patience yields amazing cocktail menus and it is surprising to find that there isn’t an obligatory Mad Men or James Bond theme package in there.

A Cheat Mode where there are alternate recipes of what closely resembles official ones would make this app perfect. While many a mixologist has let their creativity roll with the ingredients, a feature like this would require considerable input from the bar-tending community, something that might work out to be too niche.


Cocktail Flow is a must-install with its cocktail recipe database that helps figure out which cocktail you should have next, going well beyond what we've been used to from digitized recipe books.