Remember Every Great Meal With Evernote Food

Evernote’s known for its excellent cloud-based note taking app, but the team has been branching out recently. Last month we looked at Evernote Hello, which keeps track of the people you meet; today we’ll look at Evernote Food, which keeps track of the meals that you eat.

Evernote Food acts as an easy to use database for tracking your food experiences. It allows you to quickly take photos of your meals and easily tag them with the important information (what it is, where when you ate it, and how good it was), syncing it with your Evernote account for the easy access the company has a reputation for.

Why Would You Use This?

When I first read Evernote’s announcement about this app, honestly I thought it was pointless: sure, it has decent features, but do we really need an app like this? But I don’t like to disregard apps off-hand – especially when they come from a proven developer such as Evernote – so I came up with the following points regarding how using this app could possibly help me:

  • I want to get healthier, and being able to quickly see what I’ve eaten might be a big help.
  • I’ve been putting off learning to cook properly for over a year, this app could motivate me to do that.
  • There’s also the advertised use of the app: remembering all my best food experiences.

I wasn’t really sure if this would be enough to win me over, but it was enough for me to try it out.

The Advertised Use of Evernote Food

The developers of Evernote Food describe its purpose as so:

Preserve and relive memorable food experiences. From fine dining to family gatherings to a local food truck, remember every delicious moment.

Its an app to help you remember your favourite experiences involving food – a scrapbook of sorts. I quickly found that the app does work well for this, but what about for the other use cases I listed above?

How I Used the App

While I planned to use this app every time I ate or drank something – no matter how big or small – I failed. This was a fault of my own, and not the app’s, however: it’s not designed for that.

I ended up using this app to remind me about different foods I wanted to try out, or to write down recipes of different meals as a mini shopping list.

The left, what my skills allow; the right, what I’d like.

For myself I wanted to track what kind of food I ate as I was training harder and eating good food was important; this summer I also wanted to learn how to cook better, so tracking what I cooked and what meals I really liked for inspiration was a great help.

How Evernote Food Works

When adding a new meal or item of food you’ll come to the below screen:

adding your location is simple

You then enter the meal title, the name of the place you’re at, and whatever tags you want. There’s also a section for meal notes. A box below this contains Details, provided automatically by your phone: the date and time, and your location. You can go back and edit any of this later if you wish.

Some friends I spoke to about this app thought it was weird to be photographing nearly everything I ate. They said it would be perfectly fine to do so at home, but when at a restaurant or hotel that it would then be weird – and that I’d have people looking at me, as if something was wrong with me!

From using the app I found quite the opposite to be true; people always take photos when socialising, and doing so in a restaurant is no different – this app just focuses on food as a sociable and memorable experience. And it does a great job at both aspects: sharing is easy using Android’s built in sharing menu, and looking up food later is simple, too, using either this app or the standard Evernote interface.

Using Evernote Food

Scrolling through old meals is easy, and if you’ve spent even a few seconds adding each meal you’ll be able to find all this information at a glance.

Also a blogger’s fuel!

Could this have been integrated into the original Evernote app? Yes, but I feel it works better as a standalone app – it can be organized in a way that works quickly and easily, and is better suited for capturing memories related to food. Plus, it stays out of the way for people who don’t want to use it, yet enjoy using Evernote. I also think it would be a downer being reminded about that last bit of work you need to finish whenever you went out to eat, which would more than likely happen if you opened the original Evernote to access this.


Evernote Food is an unusual app – not in the way that it works, but in how we’re meant to use it. I’m yet to get around to using it “properly”, though it has in fact surpassed its intended use and helped me with my healthier diet.

I’m already building an nostalgic collection of photos related to food or drinks which are now organized and saved to Evernote. I’ve yet to share a lot of them with friends, though in the future when memories fade I’m sure this app with help revive these cherished memories. For less personal meal sharing, there’s also Foodspotting.


Great single-purpose app that uses the Evernote cloud to help you store information about your favourite meals. Helps make eating more sociable and memorable.