Bouncy Mouse, a Fresh Alternative to Angry Birds

We’ve all heard about Angry Birds. It’s available on every major platform (Android, iOS, web). The only place you wont find it is on consoles. Quite frankly I’m tired of seeing those birds everywhere. After browsing the Android Market, I found a new, refreshing Angry Birds styled game.

It’s called Bouncy Mouse and it’s a new take on a slingshot platformer. Read on to find out whether this really is a good alternative to Angry Birds.


This game is available free (but with ads) on the Android Market and requires Android 2.2 and up to run. It also requires a lot of space – about 13MB – but thankfully it can be moved to the SD card.


start screen

Bouncy Mouse's start screen

Bouncy Mouse is a fun game with very nice physics and mechanics. It starts with our main character, Bouncy Mouse, who’s sleeping happily on his stockpile of cheese. A perfect moment for his arch nemesis, Captain Cat, to sneak up and steal his beloved cheese. When our hero awakes, he finds that his cheese is missing and sets out on a quest to recover it from the evil cat. This is just a fun introduction to the game. From here on in, your mission is to help our mouse navigate its way throughout the levels.

level select

Level selection screen.

You start out with Bouncy Mouse hanging from his elastic tail on some sort of pins on one end of the level, and Captain Cat on the other end. You have the daunting task of navigating our little friend from pin to pin until you reach the Cat.

This is not an easy thing to achieve because there are some obstacles on the way: bees and other critters that block your path and the occasional misfire where you end up landing on one of those critters or find yourself trapped. If this happens then Bouncy Mouse loses a life and gets respawned at the last pin he was attached to. He has only four lives; once you’ve used them all up, you’ll be sent back to the start of the level.


Each level is different, but all have cheese crumbs

A secondary objective of the game is to collect cheese crumbs. They’re scattered all over the level and if you manage to collect all of them you get access to a bonus level and some great unlocks. I’ve only managed to do this once and unlocked only a graphical trail for the mouse. There are also outfits and different kinds of trails available


The unlockables screen. Unfortunately I have not unlocked many things.


You might be wondering how you actually control Bouncy Mouse. Is there an on-screen joystick, or do you use the accelerometer? Actually, it’s neither of the above; the controls are very similar to Angry Birds. You just drag Bouncy Mouse back and then let him fly. You can also drag the screen to see where to launch the mighty rodent. The only downside is that Bouncy Mouse is a bit small and sometimes you can accidentally tap right next to him and scroll, rather than fire. Not sure whether that’s a resolution issue or whether I’m just not very good at playing games. Either way, it shouldn’t be a problem for most of you.


In the sound department the game fares pretty well. The music fits this type of gaming, and the cartoony sound effects are perfect for it.


This game was tested on my LG Optimus One P500 and it works flawlessly. There are occasional framerate drops, but I think that’s because of the other tasks I have running in the background. Generally the game runs smoothly.


The credits screen. Great job Eric!

Final Thoughts

Bouncy Mouse is a fresh new alternative to Angry Birds. I haven’t yet beat the game, because it gets pretty complicated later on and I’m not much of a gamer when it comes to my phone, but this game is really nice and well created. Kudos to Eric Karl for such a well designed game!

For a final score of 9/10 I think it really deserves those 99 cents for the ad-free version that you can buy in-game.


A great slingshot platformer that provides a new, refreshing alternative to the Angry Birds series.