Cut the Rope: Candy-Munching Puzzle Fun, Now on Android!

The immensely popular physics-oriented puzzle game ‘Cut the Rope’ now has an Android version available! Rumours that this would be ported from iOS surfaced quite some time ago, however it’s only in the last couple of weeks that the discussion reappeared, followed quickly by the release of this version.

Cut the Rope is a game which requires you to think both ahead and on the spot. It is up to you to navigate the candy safely to your pet monster, Om Nom. The challenge is to do so without losing or destroying it!

The Aim of the Game, and How to Play

The introduction to the game shows a small green creature being delivered to you in a box. His name is ‘Om Nom’. Your objective is to feed him his favourite treat: Candy. Unfortunately Om Nom’s candy has managed to find its way into some bizarre 2D puzzles. Om Nom will sit patiently in each level and wait for you to solve the puzzle in a way that presents the candy to him; he then munches it down, and the level is complete.

In each level there is the additional objective of collecting floating stars. There are usually three per level, and the enthusiastic mobile gamers can challenge themselves to get all of them. The stars are usually placed in such a pattern that allows them to be picked up by the candy on its way to Om Nom. You just have to work out the correct route, especially if more than one presents itself.

So how do you get candy from one place to another in Cut the Rope? Well the candy is usually attached to ropes of some kind, near floating bubbles, winders, moving platforms and so on. You have to activate these mechanisms and, well, cut the ropes with precise timing and sequence to pass the candy around the level to end up with it in Om Nom’s mouth.

The main menu, and some gameplay!

How Fun Is It?

This answer is: very fun! This game is a fantastic mix of cheerful amusement with increasingly challenging puzzles. Many real-world environmental factors such as gravity, pendulum physics and air resistance are simulated. The game even goes so far as to simulate the tensile behaviours of the adjustable ropes and winches. Messing around with these factors is always great fun.

In comparison to equally popular games like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, I think this game is quite different. It encourages heavier levels of thinking. With Doodle Jump, you have to just decide which way to tilt the phone to move the Doodler. Angry Birds requires a bit more predictive and strategic thinking, but Cut the Rope requires even more thinking still. Not only do you have to take many factors into account when releasing the candy and guiding it, you have to think ahead and do everything at precisely the right time and in order.

It is quite likely you will fail a level a few times before you get it right, and you will keep trying because of that little voice in your head which says “Okay, I’ve got it this time…”. If you make a mistake that time it only serves to motivate you further. A good challenge and some self-motivation always come together to form a lot of fun.


Unfortunately due to the high amount of predictive simulation involved, the game requires quite a large amount of processing power to run at a satisfactory framerate. I am under the impression that the Android version of Cut the Rope needs a lot of fine tuning. My Android phone outperforms my first generation iPod Touch in every way, and yet it runs Cut the Rope at a poor framerate, while the iPod gives a smooth and silky gameplay experience. This is probably down to Cut the Rope originally being written for the iOS system; a lot of tinkered code may still need to be ironed out.

I expect higher end phones will have no trouble at all. However weaker phones may have a lot of trouble or no luck in getting this game to run well, which is very disappointing. Though with a game like this I suppose that cannot be helped.

How Can I Get It? And for How Much?

At the time of writing this review, you can get Cut The Rope off the Android Market for just $0.99. I think that is definitely a bargain.

Alternatively, you can get it for free off the GetJar website, though it is ad-supported. For a game as entertaining as this, the advertisements are but a minor niggle. You quickly tune them out and I never felt they got in the way of enjoying the game.

If you would prefer to try Cut the Rope from GetJar first, you can do so either by downloading it to your computer and then copying the .apk file across to your phone, or by downloading it directly on your phone.

Web/Computer Directions

Download Cut the Rope from this link to the GetJar website, and then copy the .apk file to your phone. Open it in your phone through your preferred file manager to start the installation process. Remember to have “Unknown Sources” able to install on your phone, check in Settings > Application Settings if you are not sure whether they can.

You may notice that clicking Download on the computer gives you a download code alternative.. If you go to on your phone, and enter this quick download code (there is a link to Quick Download at the bottom of the Home page) then the download starts immediately on there. This saves you the hassle of copying it over.

Phone Directions

Open your phone’s web browser and point it to At present you can see ‘Cut the Rope Free’ on the landing page, so click that to be taken to the application page, then click Download. Alternatively, try and get Cut the Rope from your computer, and use the Quick Download code (see Web/Computer Directions above).

This is what you are looking for if you use the phone method

Final Thoughts

Cut the Rope is a very well designed puzzle game that anyone can enjoy. Even though this is the first version of Cut the Rope for Android, all of the levels from iOS are available. Despite it being a little sluggish for me on my underpowered phone, I didn’t experience any bugs or unusual behaviour. This is a good game to have in your pocket and if you think your phone can handle it, it’s well worth the 99 cents.

For a rating, I think 8/10 is appropriate. A few performance issues may need to be addressed, but otherwise this game is perfect and it is nice to see it finally available to us Android users.


A physics based interactive game. You have to get the candy from one part of a level to Om Nom! Feeding him candy is what advances you through the game. As the levels get harder, more and more elaborate mechanisms are used in the puzzles.