Dead Trigger: An Excellent Zombie FPS

Dead Trigger is the ultimate in zombie-thwarting action. It’s a slick first-person-shooter laden with outrageously gorgeous visual effects and heart-thumping drama. If recent games like Zombie Farm have left you believing that zombies are actually kinda cute, this will completely reverse your opinion.

Dead Trigger features stunningly immersive gameplay, graphics that will make you weep with joy and sound that lowers you right into the action like a parachute into hell. Read on to find out exactly why that ‘High Maturity’ rating is so necessary…

How Did I Get Here?

The game’s blurb explains that a virus has killed billions but many survive as blood-craved zombies, intent on killing more. The few who escape both of these fates have descended into a world of cash, defense, ammo and survival. Your role in the game is to carry out missions, killing zombies along the way. The streets are eerily atmospheric and rich in detail. Zombies come at you from all sides and you constantly have one eye on your ever-decreasing ammo… sound like your cup of tea?

Zombies constantly come at you, sometimes from all angles

Zombies constantly come at you, sometimes from all angles

Shut Up and Give Me a Gun!

Thankfully, there is some serious weaponry available in the game to make your missions a little easier. Even basic pistols can kill zombies, but they’re not as much fun as some of the bigger items of hardware made available later in the game. Controls are quite simple: use your left thumb to move around, and your right to hit the all-important fire button. You can look around by dragging your right thumb across the screen.

At the top right is your weapon selection, which is a pretty good place for it to be. Tap it to select other weapons you have equipped. Sometimes zombies get too close and you need some hand-to-hand combat skills. Here the game lets you press buttons quickly in a particular sequence to finish the zombie off with your bare hands, which is pretty hardcore by all accounts.

Controls are mostly intuitive, letting you get on with the brutal task at hand

Controls are mostly intuitive, letting you get on with the brutal task at hand

While this is all pretty intuitive to use, I did find you sometimes unexpectedly spin around 180 degrees. Now, I can’t quite fathom why this happened – it could be that my thumb strayed too high on the left and I span around – but it’s pretty frustrating. This essentially means that, when you’re pumping lead into oncoming beasts, you occasionally find yourself suddenly facing the wrong way which is, quite simply, terrifying. It always then seems awkward to get back and I’ve been attacked several times, losing quarts of life on each occasion, because of this issue.

I have to say though, that aside, controls are very smooth and you won’t have too many problems moving about and severely decimating the local zombie population.

Zombie in sights, great for head shots

Zombie in sights, great for head shots

Looks That Can Kill…

As you can tell by the screenshots and the video in this review, it’s one good-looking game. At its optimal best on a Tegra 3 device, there’s a reason Google chose to demo the powers of the new Nexus 7 tablet with it.

Colour is incredibly rich and every detail is immaculate. From lighting, explosions, blood and gore, the animations of the shuffling zombies and the way they react to being hit… visually it’s just amazing. Certainly as good as most console games, Dead Trigger is pure unadulterated eye-candy, the game to show off to your friends.

Deeply Atmospheric

One of the best features of Dead Trigger is actually the sound; like the graphics, the music and effects are rich and loaded with detail. From the way the acoustics change depending on the environment you’re in to the malevolent groans coming from the zombies themselves, the sound is immersive and chillingly realistic. I would simply say this: play the game in the dark while wearing earphones, I dare you!

When zombies get too close you have to complete on-screen combinations to kill them

When zombies get too close you have to complete on-screen combos to kill them

Buying Death

There are two forms of currency in the game: gold and cash. Cash is earned via missions and can often be found lying about in a level. Gold has to be bought via in-game purchases but does allow you to buy some powerful weaponry. This did niggle me a little. The game is one which you pay for, yet comes with in-app purchases, what’s with that?

Mission map - always lots to do

Mission map – always lots to do

When developers create games and not only charge for them but also operate a “freemium” model of additional (and highly beneficial) in-app purchases, it feels like you’re being cheated a little. Dead Trigger isn’t the only game I’ve noticed doing this, but I don’t think users are being dealt a fair hand when they first buy the game. That said, you get relatively good value for money with the in-app purchases so it could be far worse.

Mission objectives

Mission objectives

Zombies Everywhere

It’s fair to say zombies have well and truly infected the Google Play Store, and there seems to be little letting up in the introduction of titles that feature the undead. Here at Android.AppStorm we have been equally indulgent in spreading the zombie love, with articles and reviews like Zombie Cafe, Zombie Flick and 15 Essential Android Apps to Help You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Simply put, zombies continue to be a big deal.

While Dead Trigger adds to this burgeoning trend, it’s an altogether different experience to most titles. With it’s rich visual chemistry and atmospheric soundscapes, it’s the equal of any other first-person-shooter in the Google Play Store. It drips console quality and really demonstrates how powerful the Tegra 3 chips are.

Mission success screen

Mission success screen

Last Words

Dead Trigger is a stunning game to play. It immerses you deep into the troubled future world of zombies, guns and survival. I’ve probably used the word ‘atmospheric’ far too many times already in this review, but it summarises the feel of the game very succinctly.

I wasn’t keen on fact that you not only have to buy the game, but you also have to consider making in-app purchases. This aside, I found the game to faultless in gameplay, graphics and sound. It really is a game you ‘experience’ rather than just play, so if you have the hardware for it, definitely give it a try.


Dead Trigger is a terrifyingly detailed zombie death-fest. It plays like a chillingly-realistic interactive horror film that's enough to chill the most seasoned gamer. Simply put, Dead Trigger is pure zombie-slaying dynamite.