Dine With the Undead in Zombie Café

There’s no shortage of zombie games in the Play Store, but Zombie Café is the only one in the Cooking Games category.

I’ve seen many tower defense games pitting zombies against all sorts of enemies but I guess no one really thought about zombies as viable characters for a restaurant management game – until now. The result is a thoroughly engaging and witty gastronomical experience you’ll never forget.

Zombie Café is primarily a cooking game where your main goal is to serve food to your customers, earning money and getting good approval ratings in return. As in all cooking games, you are given a team of workers: you as the head chef, and a number of waiters to serve the customers. You’re also provided with basic utilities and furniture, which you can change for nicer ones when you get enough money.

Main controls

Everything else outside the said mechanics is where the undead element seeps in.

Hiring Your Crew

Hiring your staff is the first thing you need to do in this game. Wait for customers to come in, choose one of them which you think can do the job and infect him. This means you turn the customer into a zombie to work for you. A bit like real life, if you ask me.

To help you decide which customer to infect, tap on him/her and go to Info. A profile is shown along with the customer’s name and description. Below is an example:

Character profile

But wait, why do they have stats for Attack Strength and Attack Speed? We’ll get to that in a bit…

Meanwhile, when you have all your crew selected, you can direct them to either wait tables or cook. I highly recommend only using them as waiters rather than cooks since cooking eats up more of their energy. You, as the default cook, never run out of energy.

You’ll need to tap on Rest to give them a break or energize them by using toxin. Toxin is another currency (besides money) that you can use to accomplish certain tasks such as giving your zombies energy, cook dishes without waiting or purchasing items from the store.

Zombies with low or zero energy and who are not given rest or toxin will eventually attack and “eat” a customer. This is bad for business – as you lose all other customers and your ratings drop considerably.

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, your workers should have ample energy to serve tables and clear them as fast as possible.

Happy customers are signified by a yellow smiley inside their thought bubbles, while unhappy ones have blue, frowning faces. The quicker you serve and clear tables, the happier your customers are, and the higher your restaurant gets rated. However, when you run out of food, you close the restaurant, or a zombie attacks a customer, your café’s approval rating immediately goes down.

Making a Profit

Earning money is the main goal in this game. Money is acquired in two ways: serving food to the customers or raiding a nearby establishment.

Raiding means you can go to a nearby restaurant, terrorize everyone and get food and money. Here’s an example:

Choose your zombie

This is why characters have Attack Speed and Attack Strength stats in their profiles. If you plan to raid, then choosing zombies with high attack speed and strength should make your raids successful.

Zombies who “die” as a result of a fight with another waiter or chef will resurrect in 7 hours, but if you don’t want to wait that long, you can use toxin.

Both methods of earning have their own pros and cons. Cooking food takes a long time but you don’t have to lose any zombies in the process. Raids, on the other hand, can get you food and money immediately but one or more of your zombies may “die” during these raids.

The Menu

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this game is the cookbook. As you level up or raid other restaurants, you unlock more recipes for you to cook and serve. You can only cook recipes that are within your level.

Choose from a variety of popular favorites with an undead twist: Sloppy “Joe”, Green Eggs and Sam, and Entrailadas are just some examples.

Recipe details

Tap on a recipe to see how long it will take to cook in actual hours. You can also see how many servings, how much you can earn and the XP points. Recipes with huge servings and generate high revenue are usually the ones that take as long as 2 days to cook. The game has a notification feature to alert you if a food is done cooking, if something is about to burn, or if your café has run out of food.

Some Bugs in the Oven

This game’s graphics are also impressive for something that’s free in the Play Store. However, there are issues with some text and graphics becoming distorted when you go back and open the game.

The developer’s website suggests pressing the Home button and opening the game again – but this does not work all the time for me. There are some instances I had to restart my phone for the graphics to go back to normal.


Zombie Café is a great cooking game even for people who don’t like cooking games. Although zombies are not new to the gaming world, they’re certainly not something you expect to see in this small category. For that alone, it deserves space in your Android device for even more zombie-packed gaming.


A cooking game with zombies.