Drive With Zombies: A 3D Zombie Driving Game

Last week, my Nexus 7 arrived. I decided with its powerful ‘Quad-core Tegra 3 processor”, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play some of the best Android games around. So, I made a resolution to myself: “time to write more gaming articles” – and here we go!

Drive With Zombies is a 3D driving game which takes a basic concept and adds intense game play, creating a highly entertaining game.

Getting to Grips With the Game

Unlike what the title implies, your goal is not to drive around with zombies as your passengers. No, your sole mission is to speed along an infinite, zombie-infested road, aiming to travel as far as possible and kill as many of the undead as you can.

Opening screen

As you reach certain milestones you will gain Achievements, which will give you coins that can be used to buy upgraded guns and cars – a great boost to your gameplay.

However, some of these upgrades do cost a heck of a lot of coins. I’ve completed four of the 24 Achievements, gaining 20 coins – but the top car costs 120. Now you’re probably thinking, okay, that’s going to take a while. And it will… unless you choose to purchase coins with real money.

The Upgraded Cars!

Yes, this is another freemium game. It’s free to download and play, but you can spend real money to buy in-game coins. These coin bundles range in price: 30 cost $0.99 and 1300 cost $29.99.

I would say these prices are pretty reasonable, but personally I never invest into apps which are free. (I go with the simple logic that if the game is free, I want it for free.) You do also have regular opportunities to gain free coins by downloading other apps.

Killing Zombies

There are a few ways in which you can kill the undead. Firstly, you can just swerve into the zombie by tilting the device, running over the zombie flat and requiring little extra effort.

Driving along!

However, if you miss a zombie, he will jump onto your truck. One way to get him off is to ram into the side of an obstruction on the road – such as a bus or car – causing the zombie to fall and die. However, if you hit the obstruction head on, your game will be over. The first level zombies will be defeated straight away on impact, but stronger ones will take a few more hits.

Killing Zombies!

Finally, you can use a weapon from your arsenal. You do this by tapping on the respective side, causing the zombies health to fall and eventually die.

Cars and Guns

As I’ve mentioned above, there are a range of different weapons and cars. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and the better ones will allow you to kill faster and survive for longer. You start with two trucks, The Defender and Transporter, which are slow but secure. There are five different upgrade options ranging from 30 coins all the way to 120.

Upgradable guns

You also have an arsenal: your set of weapons which will defend you against all opponents. You start with three weapons, the trusty AK-47, an SMG and an 1911 Pistol, all basic and not that effective. However, you have the possibility to upgrade to a Minigun, a .50 Calibre Rifle or a M-16 – rifles which will all take a bigger piece out of that zombie’s flesh.

Interface and Functionality

Drive With Zombies has a basic interface. Its easy-to-use controls and simple instructions allow everyone to play and enjoy. Personally, I love games like this; they keep you addicted for longer and encourage you to keep trying until you’ve eventually beaten your high score. This game is great at doing this – its self-explanatory nature, with a quick download time, allows you to join in the fun quick and easy.

There’s two additional features that I would love to highlight. First are the Leaderboards, which allow you to view your rank in the world and see the most successful players over the last day, week, or month or over all time. It’s a quick way to track your progress and see if you’re actually doing well.

After Death Screen!

Second is the sharing ability for Facebook and Twitter. Bringing the experience into the social networking world allows me to interact with friends and challenge each others scores and distances, making the fun competitive.


All in all, Drive With Zombies is a fantastic free application which allows you to run rampage in your truck of destruction. Taking out zombies left, right and centre and obliterating them. The intense gameplay can captivate you for hours, encouraging you to play and play till that high score is beaten.

I highly recommend downloading this app – its effective concept and addictive style will entertain a wide variety of people.


Control your vechicle and annihilate every zombie in your way with Drive With Zombies 3D!