Grow: Big Fish, Little Fish, Android Game

In Grow you control a fish with a simple mission: consume every creature that is smaller than you. The controls are also simple and easy to use, offering a few different ways to play – via tilt, virtual joystick, or touch-and-move (for both right- and left-handed players). Grow requires Android version 2.1 or above, and is suitable for all ages.

The application itself does not require very many permissions, the game only has access to the phone’s internet and vibration control. The game takes up 9.9MB on most Android phones.


There aren’t many Android games exactly like Grow but there are a few with similar characteristics: Chirp Chirp, Hungry Shark, and Missile Defender (by the same developer as Grow).

There were a few problems with the game on some phones when the game first came out; the game would sometimes freeze when the physical Back button was pressed, and the scores and level records would disappear when updated. These kinds of problems are continuously being fixed – Epic Pixel is doing a great job with the game’s patches and updates.


Six different enemies exist in Grow; some will follow you, while others just stay still; a few have interesting powers like bloating randomly, making them bigger so you cannot overpower and consume them. Your character can also pick up powers and use them on the enemy sea creatures, and can unlock powers like swimming faster or increasing the duration of your powers by eating fish and gaining coins.

I feel that some of the enemies should have slightly more challenging powers or that there should be more obstacles to get through while playing through the game’s levels. Fortunately, the enemies in the survival levels are basically endless, which adds more to the game after the player beats all of the adventure levels.

Grow Gameplay

Although the game has a simple objective, the enemies that follow you or have powers do make the game more interesting and fun.


When you beat all 78 adventure levels, there is a survival mode with seven endless levels with global leaderboards. When competing in the survival mode you unlock the extra power-ups left behind in the Grow shop from the adventure mode, allowing you to achieve more stars for each level. The survival mode really adds more challenges to Grow and gives the player a totally different experience. The adventure levels start in a small jar, eventually progressing all the way to the sea.

Level Select in Grow


The controls of the game are quite simple and they do give you some good options. The player may select the following options:

  • Tilting the phone
  • Using the on-screen virtual joystick
  • Using “touch move” (suitable for both right- and left-handed players)

Grow also has vibration functions, which can be turned off.

Personally, I think the games controls are great, and I recommend trying out every control to see which control is the best for you, since every player is different.


When playing through the levels you collect coins to unlock the items in the Grow shop; there are 17 upgrades and other neat items to buy. Some of the unlocks include: swimming faster, bloating to make the player larger, extra slots to hold more power up items, and magnetic pull to draw in smaller enemies.

The Grow shop

Personally, I like all the unlocks, but I would rather play without any of them, as that makes Grow more challenging and sometimes even makes the game last longer. The game has two difficulty modes – normal and advanced – each level having their own star rankings.


The online leaderboards add a nice feature to the game, covering the seven levels of survival mode, showing time and scores. It’s online, and has the option of adding nicknames to the leaderboards.

Grow Leaderboards


Grow has simple missions, but its smooth gameplay and great graphics and animations make up for that. I do find that it lacks good obstacles, and would like to see more. Grow is very addicting and can be very challenging; plus, the huge number of levels means it lasts quite a long time, especially for a mobile game. Give it a try!


Grow is a colorful but simple game. At only $0.99, I would recommend it.