Little Things® Forever: Bring a Magnifying Glass

I guess that most people in their twenties probably cringe at the thought of games that are ‘suitable for all ages’, and wouldn’t be caught dead playing a game with graphics geared towards children. For those of you who fall into that category (myself from two weeks ago included), I say to you, awake, arise and embrace the joys of all things innocent! Or, at the very least, try playing Little Things® Forever.

Easily one of the most fun casual games I’ve played in a long time, KlickTock’s Android debut is a delightful free puzzler in the vein of Where’s Waldo?, that has players finding tiny objects in a mess of hundreds of them. Beautifully illustrated and presented, this is a treat for the whole family — just be prepared to wait your turn once they’re all hooked!

Little Things Forever looks stunning; the game supports up to four player profiles

Little Things Forever looks stunning; the game supports up to four player profiles


Little Things Forever consists of three kinds of puzzles: the first requires you to find a few specific tiny objects — animals, household items, tools, gadgets and more — from a large arrangement as quickly as you can, while the second challenges you to find as many items as you can in two minutes, listing only one item at a time. Doing a satisfactory job on these levels earns you puzzle pieces, which you can gather enough of to play the third kind of puzzle: the jigsaw.

A typical puzzle

A typical puzzle

Simple enough the first couple of times around, the jigsaw can be completed by rotating and rearranging the puzzle’s pieces so that they all line up correctly. It takes a keen eye to spot the ends and edges of shapes on pieces to join up with its actual neighboring pieces when they’re jumbled — easy to do with four puzzle pieces or even 9, but wait until you hit 16 pieces and you’ll find yourself spending unreasonable amounts of time solving them.

Completing jigsaw puzzles unlocks new illustrations to play

Completing jigsaw puzzles unlocks new illustrations to play


Each puzzle opens with a large illustration of an animal or inanimate object, which breaks up into hundreds of smaller ones that you have to sift through to find the listed items. While the shapes of each item remain the same, their colors and size vary with each large illustration that you come across. The game looks wonderful and is sure to pique the interest of folks, young and old. It’s an absolute joy to play.

If you’re truly stuck on a level, you can invoke a hint which will highlight the general location of your next item. Little Things Forever looks great on smartphones and tablets, and is a tad easier to play on larger devices since you can zoom in and see objects more easily on them. There’s also an engaging orchestral soundtrack reminiscent of RTS games like Age of Empires, that I’m a huge sucker for.

Using a hint to find a particularly tricky item

Using a hint to find a particularly tricky item

Keep the Whole Family Occupied

To finish the game, you’ll need to collect 101 puzzle pieces and solve nine jigsaw puzzles, which means you’ll be busy for a long time indeed. KlickTock cleverly included four player profiles so you can save your progress and hand over the device to a friend or family member to play on another profile. Plus, puzzles are randomly generated so you’ll never get the same list of items to find twice.

I completed every puzzle in Little Things Forever before I began my review, started afresh to make notes and found that the game is still fairly challenging, particularly because you generally don’t encounter the same large illustrations that you do when you begin playing. I applaud the developers for coming up with a title that offers this much replay value without resorting to any newfangled gamification strategies.

Four items on this list are visible here -- can you find them?

Four items on this list are visible here — can you find them?


It’s hard to believe that such a high-quality game, with enough levels to keep players busy for days, is available for free! Little Things Forever is a masterpiece — simple, fun and engaging, while remaining accessible to all age groups. You can even team up and play it with a friend on a device with a large screen. KlickTock have outdone themselves with this one, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


Little Things® Forever is a free casual game for smartphones and tablets that presents puzzles filled with hundreds of tiny items out of which players have to find specific ones in a race against the clock. It's suitable for players young and old alike.