Manage Your Inner Soldier With CoD Elite

When Modern Warfare 3 launched it created a big splash in the world of FPS games. Apart from the usual collection of new weapons and maps, MW3 also bought a completely new service with it called ‘Elite‘, allowing you to manage your load-outs, get map intel and improve your gameplay, all from your Android. Gamers speculated that Elite was going to be like Facebook for CoD fans, but it turned out to be something quite different.

From Elite’s website you can view training videos, map strategies, sniper points and similar things – and it’s hard to deny how fun and easy it is to be able to adjust your loadouts and view map intel on a PC! But does the same sense of fun and simplicity exist in its Android counterpart?

Call of Duty: Elite

Fire in the Hole!

The CoD Elite app has a few really neat features that make managing your game easier and more fun. The first feature we’ll take a look at is modifying your loadouts. I always found this to be a bit of pain on the console because of the vast array of options and the limited control offered by the Xbox controller, but the Elite app offers a much better interface.

The Elite login screen

Most Call of Duty games are praised for the vast selection of weapons and equipment, which leads to having millions of possible combinations when it comes to your loadouts. Through the app you can change all aspects of your loadouts, from your perks to your choice of grenade. This is done in a very simple and intuitive manner and the ease of use is sure to appeal to CoD players old and new.

A personal favourite feature is the ability to view all of your gameplay statistics. In my opinion there is no better way to determine your skill level than by looking at your K/D ratio or accuracy percentage. The Elite app does an admirable job of presenting these stats in a way that’s easy to view and analyse.

Viewing my K/D ratio using two different graphs

As I said above, Elite does a great job at letting you analyse your past games – but it doesn’t stop at seeing your K/D ratio. From the app you can see detailed information about your performance in past matches including your kills, deaths, score per minutes and even XP gained. These options are all presented in an easy to understand and digest graph that definitely makes reading what could otherwise be very dull stats more easy on the eye!

My kills and headshots in graph view

When you tap on the name of a specific match from the previous matches menu you are presented with even more information regarding your gameplay. You can see your best killstreak, your nemesis (who killed you the most) and your victim (whom you killed the most). Another really neat feature accessible from that menu is the ability to view the in-game leader board. It’s definitely nice to be able to remind yourself of your great (or dismal) performance in your previous matches!

The detailed match analytics

Challenges make up a major part of the CoD experience, and so thankfully the Elite developers decided to not leave it out of the equation. In the app you can track your progress on a plethora of challenges, ranging from achieving that Golden Striker or cashing in with a lot of XP. You can also see your progress towards completing all of the in-game challenges, which is a breath of fresh air when you have finished leveling up!

Inside the “My Career Summary” menu lies a host of great features. I particularly like the prestige calculator: basically, you input what rank you would like to achieve and how much hours you intend on putting into gaming every day, and the app – using your past game statistics – will return a estimate for how long it will take you to reach that rank. Not only will this appeal to organisation freaks like myself, but maybe to people curious to see how long it would take to them to beat their friends’ ranks!

Calculating my time to reach the next level

From the same menu you can also see your K/D ratio (but with no graph this time!), your win percentage and your time played, which is once again presented in a great way: it uses a pie chart-esque orb to tell you your total time, and the top three game modes that you spent this time playing in.

Viewing my in-game time

Play in Style

As you probably have realised by now, this app has a lot of features – but what’s the point of great features if they can’t be accessed in an intuitive and user friendly manner? Fortunately, this is nothing you need to worry about. All of the available features are laid out neatly when you first open the app (see below), with everything able to be accessed from the home screen.

The main screen of Elite

When I first read the description of the app, I was concerned about how it would present your stats. Many a CoD fan relies heavily on their stats in order to discern their better games from their worse. Thankfully, my fears were proved unfounded; instead of the cluttered UI I was expecting, I was presented with a clean UI and a really great presentation. As I said above, you can view your K/D ratio and a host of other vital game stats in an easy to digest graph which definitely makes statistics more aesthetically pleasing!

Two different ways of digesting information

Overall, navigating in the app proved to be a breeze, with options and menus making themselves clear and approachable. Elite has done a great job at making its app approachable to CoD veterans and newbies alike!


It’s great to see major developers like Activision making an effort to bring gaming into the twentieth century, and the Elite app is definitely the right way to do it. It boasts a clean UI and a great feature set that is sure to keep all CoD fans happy.


The mobile of extension of the CoD Elite web service, allowing users to change their classes and view statistics about their gameplay.