SongPop: The Best Music Trivia Game

SongPop is a fun game that challenges your music knowledge by asking you to guess the name or artist of the song that’s currently playing. This game offers great features and makes it easy to play with your friends. It is fast-paced, challenging, and it doesn’t get repetitive – no two rounds are the same. So let’s see, how fast can you identify that song?

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The Basics

When you first launch SongPop, you can either create an account by email, or log in with your Facebook information. If you choose the latter, you will get direct access to all your Facebook friends. From there, you can invite anyone who isn’t on SongPop to play, or you can start a game with your friends who are already using it. The game also lets you find an opponent through email or username, or will select a random one for you. If you have played Draw Something, the logistics of the game should feel very familiar to you.

List of opponents you are currently playing against

Game Play

When you find an opponent you want to challenge, you will be able to choose from 3 different playlists and one sponsored playlist. The playlists you start with are pretty basic, such as Classic Rock and Today’s hits. Just tap on the playlist you like and get ready to play. You get a short countdown before the clock begins. Once the round starts, you will hear a song. Depending on the round, you will either have to guess the title or the artist of the song amongst four possible choices.

The object of SongPop is to get more points than your opponent. Points are determined by how long it takes you to guess the song: the faster you guess it, the more points you get. However, points are also compounding so if you get multiple songs right in a row, your points will be higher than if you got them all right with mistakes in between. At the end of the round, the points will be tallied up accordingly.

Playing a round with the progress and guesses

Throughout the course of your match, you and your opponent will alternate picking the playlists. This makes for some very interesting gameplay if you have different musical tastes.

End of the round, awarding you coins


Throughout the course of the game you will find many extras to aid you in your playing. This can be great when you grow tired of how the game is traditionally played, or when you need a little bit of help against tough opponents.

Power Ups

There are several power-ups throughout the game that you can buy with the coins you earn every time you finish a round. When you lose a round, you get one coin but if you win, you get three coins. This power-up scheme gives you more incentive to win rounds.

The most useful power-up is removing two potential answers during a round to help narrow down your choice. Another power-up can be used before you start the round allowing you to shuffle the list of playlists you can choose from. This is very welcome if you don’t like any of the playlists that are presented to you. In addition, you can use your coins to purchase more playlists from the genres you like most.

Buying new playlist genres


Weekly tournaments run automatically in the background. At the a start of each week, a new tournament starts involving all of your current opponents. At the end of the week, everybody’s highest score is entered in and you receive power-ups based on how many people you beat.

Premium & VIP Features

If you choose to buy the premium version of the app instead of the free one, you’ll receive a few more features. The premium version is ad-free and you will be able to play with twice as many opponents and listen to longer, higher quality music clips. In addition, you get 30 days of free VIP gameplay. Currently, all that VIP offers is longer and better quality songs than even the regular premium. Is it really worth it? That’s up to you.

Advertisement for the VIP features


In general, SongPop is a really fun game. It provides a unique gaming experience that doesn’t have any legitimate competitors in the Google Play Store. It is slightly annoying that they have so many levels of paid gameplay – premium and VIP – but the free version works fine. All of the features you get by paying real money are simply just a luxury that don’t affect the gameplay significantly. As a result, SongPop gives you entertaining challenges you can enjoy against your friends for the awesome entry price of free.


The best music trivia game.