Tank Hero: Mobile Warfare on Android

Fighting games in the Google Play Store are a dime a dozen. However, I only ever come across a few that really impress and captivate me for hours. For a game to achieve this, it needs to have a good balance between the difficulty and the excitement of each level. Luckily, when I was downloading fun games to play over the holidays I came across Tank Hero.

Tank Hero is a free Android game that allows you to play as a tank, destroying everything that approaches. This simple and addicting premise kept me entertained for hours, and I decided to share my experience with you.

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Tank Hero is a single player game in which your tank progresses through a variety of levels. It consists of 120 different levels, split into three worlds of 40. On each of these you have the chance to play three different modes: campaign, survival, and time trial. Each mode has different levels of difficulty and will test your gaming talents. Also, thanks to a range of varying enemies, you’ll never get bored of having to fight or see the same old foes.

Tank Hero opening screen.

As you progress through the campaign, you will be faced with a range of tanks, all with different types of ammo. Some bounce, some shoot three at once and some even follow you as you run for your life. Luckily, you’ll be able to start using these same moves later on too.

However, you can’t choose which ammo you can fire, it’s always specific and preset for each level you’re playing. This structure really surprised me and pleased me, to be honest. On similar games, you are usually able to choose which ammo you want on each level. I feel this reduces the game’s challenge and forces users into selecting the same type of weapon they’re used to every single time. Tank Hero makes the whole game more challenging by not following that approach.

Campaign Gameplay

After selecting a certain level in the campaign mode, you will be in the war zone. The game works by showing you a bird’s eye view of the battlefield so that you can see everything and plan your attack accordingly, with no surprises. Once the timer starts, your mission is to kill all the other tanks before they kill you. Each level will take less than thirty seconds to complete, if done right. If not, it can take hard work and skill to complete the mission.

Fighting tanks on a level.

For each level you are graded on completion, either gaining a bronze, silver or gold medal. This is decided by a variety of different things, the most important being accuracy and how much lives you lose. This adds another level of difficulty to the game as I had to go back and get all the golds again, even after completing the levels with bronze or silver. Getting the gold took more precision, patience and strategy than simply finishing the level.

All gold medals on one world.

Survival and Time Trial

Up to this point, I’ve only talked about the campaign mode. But there are two other game modes which are just as thrilling — time trial and survival.

Survival constantly pits you against endless waves of tanks. After each wave, you have the choice to buy a new type of ammo, hopefully making the challenge a bit easier. Your score depends on how long you survive.

The three different modes.

Time Trial is a fun mode that certainly requires more skill. Here, you will need to complete the level as fast as possible without losing your three hearts. However, unlike the Campaign mode, you won’t be marked down if you only lose one or two hearts. Personally, I found this mode really tested my brain to the max. It was very difficult to try and kill everything quickly but still keep in mind that I could be dead with only three shots.

Interface and Controls

The interface on Tank Hero is very simple. Easy navigation and quick missions allow the game to become a firm favourite. I love how the UI isn’t too crowded and just creates a space for gaming. The free version of the game comes with ads, but if you buy the full version you will remove them. Personally, I didn’t find these ads disruptive or annoying, and I hardly ever notice them at this point.

My stats.

Tank Hero comes with three different control systems to move your beast of warfare:

  • The first, and my preferred, is the virtual d-Pad and tap. This allows you to use your thumb in either the left or right side of the screen to navigate the tank, and you tap anywhere to fire.
  • The second is swipe and tap. You need to swipe on the screen to move the tank in this one, and it was definitely difficult to get the grips of it.
  • The last is dual virtual d-Pads. This method is even more precise and very hard to perfect.

I found that the easiest control method to use is definitely the virtual DPAD and Tap, but really, at the end of the day, it’s all a personal preference.


Why did I fall in love with Tank Hero? Well, all in all, it is a brilliant example of a game you can waste hours on. The addictive nature and exciting gameplay captivate users and encourage them to play more and more. I love the simplicity of its premise and interface, the easy controls and the continuously challenging levels. The three different game modes as well as the star ratings add to the replay value of Tank Hero, so you’ll find yourself playing again and again, just to get that golden star in Campaign, to last longer in Survival, or to finish faster in Time Trial.


Tank Hero is a exciting tank based game which allows you to fight your way through a variety of different levels against different opponents.