Temple Run: It’s Finally Here

If you have any friends with an iPhone or iPad, then you’ve heard of Temple Run. In the unbelievably addicting game, you control a man named Guy Dangerous who is running away from demon monkeys after stealing an idol from a temple. The player must navigate the pathway while dodging obstacles and picking up coins to buy powerups.

The smash iOS hit has finally made its way to Android. Let’s check it out and see whether it lives up to the hype.


When each game begins, the player takes the idol from the temple and begins running away from the monkeys. The game starts out easy with a tutorial, teaching you how to navigate the paths. To go left and right, simply swipe left and right. To jump, swipe up; to slide, swipe down. The only other control involved is tilting the device left and right to move the player sideways on the path.


Collect coins to buy powerups

While running away from the monkeys, the player must jump over obstacles such as tree branches or gaps in the path, slide under obstacles such as fences or fire, and do all this while collecting as many coins as possible. There are three different types of paths, each with different obstacles for you to dodge.

Sounds easy, right? Wrong.¬†Each round starts off slow and starts to build up speed as you make it farther and farther. Soon, you’re swiping so fast you don’t even have time to think about anything besides what the next obstacle is!

Gameplay 2

Remember to jump!


While attempting to not die, there are also a lot of objectives to achieve. They start off really easy, such as making it 500m before dying or collecting 100 coins before dying and soon progress to seemingly impossible tasks of running 10,000m, collecting 5,000 coins or scoring 10,000,000 points. Each time you successfully complete an objective, your multiplier goes up by 1. The higher your multiplier is, the higher your score will be at the end of each game.


Complete objectives to boost score multiplier


Between rounds, the player can use their hard-earned coins to purchase various items. The most important of these items are the power-ups, which appear randomly during gameplay. These powerups range from Coin Magnets that will collect the coins for you to Boosts that will jump you ahead a certain distance. You can upgrade all of the power-ups to make them even more helpful.


Buy powerups and other items at the shop

The second type of item you can buy in the shop are utilities: single-use items that can really help you rack up the points. For example, one of the utilities will boost you ahead 1000m at the start of the game. This could help you get a lot of points and complete objectives.

Getting tired of Guy Dangerous? You can unlock various other characters (by paying a LOT of coins) to run with instead.

Temple run also includes in-app purchases of coins if you want that extra boost. 2,500 coins will cost you $0.99, and 200,000 coins will cost you $19.99. This prices are steep, but we have to give Imangi Studios credit for making the game freemium instead of $0.99 as it originally was on iOS when it came out.


The performance of Temple Run in its first version was a real shame. The app crashed and lagged constantly. Imangi put out an update a few days later that fixed the bugs, and I really have to hand it to them for such a quick fix.


If you hadn’t heard of Temple Run before this review, I know what you’re thinking: “Wouldn’t this get boring after about 5 minutes?” Frankly, I find it impossible to stop playing. Every time you die, it’s too easy to start another game to try to beat your score, or unlock new power-ups. Imangi Studios did a great job making such a simple idea into a massive cross-platform hit.

There were a bunch of bugs in the original version, but these were fixed extremely quickly and successfully. Other Android developers should take note!

I give Temple Run for Android a 9/10 for being so addictive and never getting old. The game itself is awesome and addicting and gives its iOS counterpart a run for its money.


Temple Run is a ridiculously addicting game. Endless fun for all ages! Requires Android 2.1+