Rabbit Launcher: Make Your Screen Come Alive

One of the quickest ways to change your home screen appearance is to change your launcher, which will apply themes, icons, and effects, all from one unified app. A seasoned Android user usually knows what to expect from a launcher, but Rabbit Launcher takes a different approach to most…

Interactive Wallpapers

Rabbit Launcher’s best features are the live, interactive wallpapers. Depending on the theme, it provides high quality background graphics that are not only animated, but also respond to swipe gestures. Take, for example, the Rabbit World theme. Touching the globe transforms the theme from day to night, while swiping sideways moves the sky elements like the clouds and the moon.

Rabbit World Day theme

The Cloud, Sunset and Interstellar themes, on the other hand, are beautiful 3D graphics of the sky with a 180-degree view. It uses the phone’s gyro sensor for the graphics to change its perspective depending on the way you hold your phone.

Other paid themes are available with similar effects.

Performance and Battery Consumption

The second best thing about this launcher is its fluid performance and minimal effect on battery life. The effects appear smooth and fast, without any delays or lags. The animation of the live wallpapers are pleasantly life-like.

Compared to installing live wallpapers, Rabbit Launcher does not sap the life out of your phone in a few hours’ time. In fact, my phone’s battery life didn’t seem to be any different from when I was using GoLauncher Ex.

User Interface

Rabbit Launcher also takes a new approach for its interface. Two dedicated icons are located on the top of the screen for basic controls. On the top right is the button for hiding or showing the home screen icons; the top left icon brings up the My Content box for selecting other installed themes. The Store icon at the bottom is a link to the Rabbit Launcher store to view all other themes. Tapping on a theme brings you to the Play Store to download it.

Main home screen in default theme

Upon opening the app drawer you’ll get a view of all apps, which can be scrolled horizontally with the effects of your choice. The static buttons below are: History, Run, Home, Manage apps and Sort:

  • History gives a list of recently opened apps, and there’s a button to delete them.
  • Run shows currently running apps which you can close using the Close button below.
  • Home brings you back to the home screen.
  • Manage Apps brings you to the Apps list where you can uninstall or transfer them to SD card.
  • Lastly, the Sort button arranges the apps by name, most recently installed and frequently used.

Apps screen

The usual tasks, such as adding an icon or widget, are done the same way as other launchers: either by holding down an icon from the app drawer and dragging it to the home screen, or holding down anywhere on the home screen to bring up the Add menu.

Other Features

Although Rabbit Launcher appears heavy with graphics, it comes as just a 4.7MB download from the Play Store, not inclusive of additional themes. This may be because of its limitations when it comes to other customization options.

There are only a handful of options available on the launcher’s Preference menu, divided into the following: Homescreens, Wallpaper, Drawer, My Themes, Store and Home Settings.

History button shows recently used apps

The ones worth mentioning, although not entirely remarkable, would be that the launcher’s minimum number of home screens is set to five, with the maximum being nine. There is no option to use just one home screen, which is understandable considering the way the graphics are built for multiple home screens.

Other staple options are also present, such as customizing icon grid size and transition effects and showing or hiding menu labels. There is also an option to copy icons from other launchers, although this did not seem to work for me. (There was a pop-up saying that “27 icons have been copied”, but when I went to try to change an app’s icon, it didn’t look like anything was copied at all.)

The Show/Hide Desk feature also seems to have problems remembering the last setting, especially when coming back from standby or locked mode. This was the only thing I found may be a major nuisance for users if not fixed soon. Within a few days of use, I seriously considered going back to my previous launcher just to get rid of the problem.

The Rabbit Launcher Store currently offers themes, but it looks like it will also add widgets with future updates.

Themes and Widgets


Rabbit Launcher is an attractive, innovative launcher that stands out by giving a delightful visual experience. With its fun, intriguing themes and excellent performance, it’s a great way to breathe life into an otherwise static (and boring) home screen. The launcher is also lightweight, which affords the user quality graphics without sacrificing phone storage or battery life.

The launcher can do with a bit more of customization options, or fixing existing ones such as borrowing icons from other launchers (as mentioned earlier) and more importantly, remembering the Show/Hide desk settings for the home screen. Considering this is the initial version, I’m expecting updates to fix bugs and add more functionality in the coming days.

Despite these growing pains, I’d still say this launcher is one of the best in terms of originality and design. That being said, Rabbit launcher may not be a must-have, but it is definitely a must-try for long-time and new Android users alike.


A vibrant, 3D launcher for Android.