Infusionsoft Mobile Puts All Your Business Contacts Into Your Pocket

Infusionsoft packs a punch when it comes to aiding businesses make the most from their leads and retain customers. The cloud app combines CRM, email marketing, lead capture and eCommerce through a simple-to-use suite.

Its handheld version, Infusionsoft Mobile is designed to help you get out of the office and take it with you wherever you are and claims to be all about working smarter via automated sales and marketing. In reality, Infusionsoft Mobile is more of an advanced contacts organizer than a full CRM/marketing suite like its cloud-based big brother.

Infusionsoft Mobile focuses more on keeping you connected with your contacts and customers on the go, enabling you to quickly add, edit and manage message contacts. Infusionsoft Mobile aims to help you to better stay in touch with clients 24 hours a day and track your communication with them.

Great for contacts management

The contacts management system in Infusionsoft Mobile is well designed and allows you to simplify contact handling with the ability to search by first name, last name, or email address. You can add a contact’s information and capture lead sources quickly storing them directly to your address book with the ‘Save to Phone’ feature . You can add, edit, or view contacts based on recent interactions.

Infusionsoft Mobile includes useful detailed notes for each including name, company, job title, phone numbers, emails, billing and shipping addresses, and location. The appo will import all contacts from the web version of you already have an account. Infusionsoft Mobile then enables you to instantly call, email, text or map directions to a contact directly from your contacts list.

Infusionsoft has a well organized contacts system with additional useful space for connected tasks and notes.

Infusionsoft has a well organized contacts system with additional useful space for connected tasks and notes.

Contact intelligence

Contact management is easily Infusionsoft Mobile’s strongest feature and the way it formats and presents contacts is very well done. You can see contacts that you’ve recently been in touch with and Infusionsoft shows you the time and date that you last talked to that person.

You can categorize contacts by type such as Lead Source or Organic Web Lead to highlight their importance, and help you remember where they came from. You can make notes of what was last said to a particular contact and add any actionable items for follow-up calls or contact. The Tasks tab is very basic but functional and allows you to add tasks for today, see upcoming tasks and those tasks without due date.

Infusionsoft Mobile does a very good job of helping you track communication with contacts and customers

Infusionsoft Mobile does a very good job of helping you track communication with contacts and customers

Not a replacement for the cloud version

The biggest issue with Infusionsoft Mobile is that the desktop version of Infusionsoft offers considerably more than the mobile version, so it’s disappointing in this respect. The dashboard in the web version is completely missing from Infusionsoft Mobile, so you can’t see the status of your latest email campaigns for example.

There are no email marketing features or access to your mailouts which is a big drawback for those that want to monitor how many people they’ve reached while on the move. What’s more, there’s no way to define custom fields like in the desktop version, and there’s not even integration with the desktop calendar to help you organize your appointments and tasks, which would have been a useful addition.

As a result, you’re basically limited to individual contact info access and task access, which is useful for contacting people on the move and tracking communications but doesn’t take advantage of the other great features of the Infusionsoft suite.


The overall problem with Infusionsoft Mobile is that it’s extremely limited compared to the meatier cloud version. If you need all the functionality of the desktop Infusionsoft dashboard, then you’ll be disappointed it isn’t available through the app. That said, if you just want a simple, clean and well organized contacts organizer, Infusionsoft Mobile is worth trying.

If you’ve tried Infusionsoft Mobile, we’d love to know your thoughts on the app. Are there other CRM apps for mobile out there which you prefer? Share all and let the AppStorm community know!


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