Seesmic: One Social Networking Client to Rule Them All

I must admit: I am a Twitter addict. It is a fantastic way to keep in touch with not only other people but also the news and happenings in the world around me. I now check Twitter more often than Facebook (in fact, these days I hardly check Facebook at all) and it has become my primary source for obtaining news; I hardly ever use any other news apps on my phone.

With Android (and indeed with other platforms), users have a wide range of clients to use, since Twitter used to actively encourage developers to build their own applications for it. This has changed in recent months, however — take as one example the recent purchase of TweetDeck by Twitter. See this post by Ryan Sarver, Twitter’s platform project manager, for more info.

I find the stock version of Twitter on Android to be a little bland, and lacking in certain features. This is where Seesmic comes into play. It is a free client for Android devices running Android 1.5 and above. The beauty of Seesmic is that you are not just limited to Twitter – you can manage your Facebook and even Google Buzz accounts from the same app.

Seesmic is bursting with features and is, in my opinion, the best application for managing your social networks on your phone. Read on to find out why.


As mentioned above, Seesmic is a neat little application that allows you to manage your social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz. The app is free (without any restrictions or advertisements) and supports multiple accounts across all your social networks, so if you’ve got more than one Twitter account, Seesmic allows you to manage them all from one location.

Seesmic 1

The list of all accounts in Seesmic along with the supported protocols

The interface is clean and uncluttered with four buttons across the main screen, one for your timeline, your mentions, your direct messages and your profile. There are also buttons allowing you to refresh your timeline, post a Tweet or search for something.



Seesmic has all the features you’d expect from a Twitter client, i.e. the ability to send and retweet tweets, shorten links via websites such as and to upload and share videos via Twitpic. You can also share your location using your phone’s built-in GPS and upload videos.

Seesmic 2

The timeline as well as more detailed information about a tweet

One of the most useful features of Seesmic is the ability to set up shortcuts on the home screen, allowing you to access parts of the application quickly and easily, such as composing a Tweet or viewing your profile. Whilst composing a Tweet, Seesmic can automatically attach your location to the Tweet using your phone’s in-built GPS, and can automatically shorten links through a variety of different services.

Seesmic 3

A view of your profile plus the Composer window

Searching Twitter through Seesmic is fairly straightforward. You can search either via hashtag or via current trending topics. Hashtags are easily highlighted and selecting one in a Tweet will bring up a list of the most recent tweets containing that hashtag.

Seesmic 4

The list of trending topics along with a search for a particular hashtag


It’s easy to forget that Seesmic also supports Facebook, although it isn’t as feature-rich as the stock Android application. Once you’ve authorized Seesmic to access your Facebook account, you can view your News Feed, your list of friends, any pages you are either administrator of or Like, and your wall.

Seesmic 5 FB

Your Facebook news feed along with your wall feed

You can post status updates from the application simultaneously to both your Facebook and Twitter account, and to any pages you are an administrator of (and, naturally, select which ones you want to post the update to).

Seesmic 6 FB

Seesmic allows you to like and comment on status updates and supports posting status updates to different accounts

On individual posts, you can Like and comment on them, as well as translate them using Google Translate, a handy little feature.

Seesmic Vs. Official Twitter

Seesmic has replaced the official client as the default Twitter app on my phone. Although both clients have pretty much the same features, I find Seesmic a lot easier to use and that it has a much less cluttered interface. Aesthetics-wise, the new updated Twitter does look a tad better but I find Seesmic is a lot easier on the eye.

Seesmic 7 Twitter

Composing a tweet on both clients

One feature which puts an end to this argument belongs to Seesmic: if you tap the top of the timeline (i.e. the red area with your username in) it instantly scrolls the timeline to the top, showing the latest tweets. This is an extremely useful feature, as it saves the need to constantly have to scroll to the top to see the latest happenings. I haven’t found this feature in the stock client, and it is very annoying having to scroll all the way to the top to see your recent tweets. Feel free to correct me if this feature has been added, though!


Seesmic is a very clever way of managing all your social networks from one place and combines a wealth of features in a clean and well-designed interface. It is, in my opinion, one of the best Twitter clients you can get for Android owing to an uncluttered design and nifty, intuitive features. The app, which boasts versions for desktop computers and other smartphone platforms, is growing in user numbers. With a version for Android Honeycomb tablets in development, the future looks bright for Seesmic and is an app well worth considering.

Seesmic is available from the Market for Android devices running Android 1.5 and above. A tablet-optimized version for Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) is in the works.


A free social networking client for Android, allowing support for multiple accounts.