Deci Uses Crowdsourcing to Help You Make Decisions

Whether you are an indecisive person, or someone who is very forthright in expressing what you would like to do, or how you think things should be done, there are times when it makes sense to gauge opinion and get input from other people.

From deciding where you should go for dinner, to choosing between two different holiday destinations, Deci is a free app for Android users that makes it easy to canvass opinion and hold a quick poll.

Getting Started

Deci ties in with Facebook, so before you can start using the app you’ll need to be signed into your Facebook account – the login screen is the first thing you will see when you launch the app for the first time. From this point on, you’re guided through each step of setting up a poll for people to vote on, or a ‘deci’ as it is known.

You start off by indicating when the event you are discussing is going to be taking place before giving it a name. There is an oddly short limit on the decis name length which might be a little restrictive, so you may have to be inventive with some of your descriptions and titles.

Creating a deci is a simple guided process, but keep an eye on name length.

Creating a deci is easy. Keep an eye on name length!

With this done, you are then presented with a list of your Facebook friends so you can choose the ones you’d like to invite. After indicating which of your friends are to be involved in the deci, you can then opt to add a post to their wall. Although this is not necessary, it’s a good idea as it will alert them to the existence of the poll you are creating.

Deci’s use of your Facebook friends makes it easy to choose to include in a decision.

Choosing the Facebook friends to include in a deci

The final stage of creating a deci is to provide the options that participants will be able to choose from. In the case of making a decision about where to eat, you could include a list of restaurants by performing a search. This is just a matter of ticking the boxes next to anything you want to include in the results.

By default, Deci will display the list of results based on your current location, but you can widen the search as required. There are a number of categories to choose from, ranging from restaurants and cafes to parks, shops and museums, and scrolling between these categories is a little tricky simply because of how narrow the text field is.

Google powers the searches you can perform for locations to use in your decis.

Searching for a location to use in a deci

Monitoring Decisions

When you have created one or more decis you can keep an eye on them from the overview screen. This just displays the title of each of the polls you have created, the date the event is taking place on and indicates who you have invited.

The deci overview page lets you see at a glance which polls you currently have running.

The deci overview page lets you see at a glance which polls you currently have running

Click on any of the decis and you can see further details of the votes. The simple layout means that you can see at a glance who has been voting for which options, and this is the same screen that anyone taking part in one of your polls will see.

Placing a vote is a two-step process involving clicking the box representing one of the available options — which will also display further details such as the address of a particular restaurant — then placing the vote with another tap.

You can check the status of a deci at any time and see who has voted for what.

Deci status page with vote tally

It’s likely that some discussion will be needed to help your friends come to a decision. Thus, there is a chat option available that can be used for everyone involved in the deci to ask questions, post suggestions and ideas, and this works in very much the same way as any instant messaging tool.

Deci’s chat facility enables participant to communicate with each other easily.

Deci’s chat facility enables participants to communicate with each other easily.

Summing Up

Decision making is often not easy, and things get even more difficult when more people are involved. It is not always possible to call each person you want to meet up with and waiting for responses by email could take too long. By enabling your friends to vote on decisions within Deci, you do not need to worry about contacting people outside of work hours and the chat option means that everyone is able to see exactly what the others been saying — no one is kept in the dark and everyone is able to have their say.

The reliance on Facebook is something of a double-edged sword. On one hand, it immediately gives you access to a fairly extensive list of friends, but it does not take into account people who do not use Facebook. It would have been good to see an option to invite other people by email.

These minor quibbles aside, this is still a valuable tool that can be put to many uses, both in your personal and business life, to help simplify the whole decision-making process with your friends.


A simple, easy to use decision-making tool that connects you with your friends