Join In: The Official London 2012 App

The Olympics. A time where the entire world comes together to share their love (or at least tolerance) of sport, urging to find out the results and view the spectacle. Personally, I love the Olympics, not just because it’s in my home country this year, but also because it shows what our countries can do. It creates heroes, champions and memories.

This year the London Olympics kick off on the 27th July, and Olympic fever has swept through England, with people all over the country wanting to embrace some of the action. However, keeping track of all the dates, venues and events is hard while trying to control the rest of your life. Don’t fear, though – we have the Official London 2012 App to help us!

How to Join In

Wherever you are in the world you can join in with the games – you just need a simple assistant to help keep you in the loop. This is where the Olympic app comes in.

Upon loading the app you’ll find a detailed schedule of everything that’s going on, showing the time and place of each event. It’s easy to navigate through different days. Along the top you’ll find four options to switch between events and tasks, which allow you to distinguish between everything that’s going on, sporting events, things to see and do, and the torch relay.

Opening page and Start screen

While writing this article now I know what day of the relay it is, what area of the country the torch is passing through, and what ceremonies are going on to celebrate it. I also have access to a highly detailed map, description and photos from throughout the day. Even though this is 300+ miles away, I still feel part of the action – experiencing the Olympics the whole time!

Finding Out About a Sport

Everyone has a favourite sport, one they prefer to watch and follow more than any other – personally, mine is Badminton, which I frequently play and watch. Going up to the search bar and searching for Badminton brings up 109 different results. Filtering this down to Sport I now have 92 results.

Searching for a specific sport (in this case, badminton)

I decided to go with the Men’s Singles Gold Medal Match – one of the most important events in the sport. Instantly, I know that at 1-4PM on August 5th at Wembley Arena the event will take place.

A range of options

Being able to view photos, videos and news articles about this is great – the links to specific news articles are particularly helpful. These allow me to find out more information about the prime candidates for the medal and the status of the arena.


The Olympic Stadium is the prime venue throughout the Olympics, but there are other and stranger venues where events are taking place. For example, the Beach Volleyball event is happening at The Horse Guards Parade , a place of real historic value in Great Britain.

However, if you have tickets for these events you’ll still need to find out how to get there. London will be an extremely busy place once the Games start, so this isn’t going to be an easy task. See below where I’ve selected Wembley Arena:

Venue information

As you can see I am able to view a range of different options – including a detailed map of the Arena – allowing me to easily find my way around. I love that the app can also give you tips on how to get there and how to be fully prepared. Finding out the predicted weather is another great bonus as I definitely know the British weather can be the worst at times, and wearing the right clothes is going to be key.

Extra Options

Above I have summarised some of the key features to keeping track of the Olympic events; now I would like to take a look at some additional features of the application which help make it more accessible.

Extra options and Buzz

By tapping the down arrow I have a selection of different options I could access. Buzz is a certain option which caught my eye. This allows you to connect the games into your social networks, with options to look on YouTube and news pages, and the ability to share to Facebook or Twitter.

A Guide To The Games!

There’s also a deep guide to everything concerned with the games. As you can see above there is a massive range of different options: safety, spectator guides and help with travel arrangements. Upon tapping Travel the app gives me additional options to plan my journey and tips for travelling around London. These great features will allow anyone visiting the Games to feel safe and secure!


In conclusion, Join In is great. It gives everyone the ability to experience the games as if they were actually there, with a huge range of filters for finding results and info, alongside key facts and guides to help them get more involved.

London 2012 has hit the nail on the head and created a brilliant application which serves its purpose superbly. A must have for any avid fan!


A free app to keep control of the Olympics, Join In is a great assistant to any follower!