PicPlz: Sharing Through a New Lens

PicPlz is currently the most popular image sharing application on the Android platform. Like Instagram on iOS, PizPlz applies filters to images and can share the picture through several social networking services. A redesigned user interface, plenty of filters, and a robust web-based experience has made PicPlz the photo sharing darling of Android.

What’s all the excitement about? Photo sharing is when users share photos via social networks like Twitter and Facebook from mobile devices with the addition of filters. The growth of social networks use on mobile phones has led to a fast adoption rate of these services.  Now applications like PicPlz have integrated with nearly every major social network, let’s take a look at what makes it such a big deal.


User Interface

The largest addition to PicPlz 2.0 is the interface design. Previously, launching PicPlz would open the Camera application for users to take an image to then share. Version 2.0 presents the user with six options focused on the PicPlz network, including sharing photos. There is a camera icon that launches the Camera application as well.

Selecting My Network displays a stream of pictures uploaded by individuals the user follows, much like updates on Twitter. Scrolling through, the user can Like, comment, or add the photos to their collection.

“Interesting” displays photos that have gained a lot of attention on the PicPlz network and provides some discoverability to the platform. “Activity” is a stream of activity, much like the Facebook Wall, showing the user’s network’s updates, comments and “Likes”. the My Profile page provides the user’s photos and access to their followers and who they follow.

Sharing a Photo

Post a pic

Although the PicPlz network is nice, the real draw for the application is sharing pictures. Launching PicPlz and selecting the Camera icon opens the native Android camera application. Once a photo is taken the user can select one of 15 effects or post the image as-is. Next, other information such as location and a caption can be added to the picture; this is also where the user selects the social networks they would like to share the image with as well. Once the image is uploaded it will be posted to all the selected networks simultaneously.

Social Connections

Social Connections

One of PicPlz’s greatest strengths is its flexibility with other social networks. Integrating with everything from Twitter to Facebook and even Flickr, there are few social networks that PicPlz does play nicely with. One service with may scratch some heads at first is integration with Dropbox, but it is a great addition as a backup option.

Desktop Experience

Web-based Dashboard

Alongside the mobile application, PicPlz has a web-based dashboard where users can browse and upload images or manage their account. Managing connections with other social networks is made simple though the dashboard, and settings are easily accessible.


Recently PicPlz released an open API, allowing developers to harness the PicPlz ecosystem. What does this mean? Developers can create applications built for a specific types of photos such as location or keyword or home screen widgets. Users should look forward to some creative development in the PicPlz universe in the coming months.


PicPlz has set itself apart from other photo sharing applications in the Android market with its strong social network integration.  An improved user interface and an ever growing list of filters makes PicPlz a must have for anyone looking to add some style to what they share.


PicPlz is a photosharing application for Android where users can post pictures with over a dozen filters to many social networks.