Manage Your Employee History With ADP Mobile Solutions

Getting bogged down with the stress of employee management and payroll? ADP Mobile Solutions offers a way for you to change the way your company manages employees and payrolls.

ADP Mobile Solutions is a self service application that helps employees stay connected to their company anytime, anywhere. ADP Mobile Solutions claims to revolutionize the way organizations deliver payroll, timesheets, benefits, and other vital HR information to employees by providing easy, 24/7 access from Android devices. It’s an interesting Android-specific alternative to popular cloud-based HR and payroll apps such as BambooHR or TribeHR.

ADP has a long track record in handling confidential corporate data and claims that information is delivered using the same secure technology that ADP uses to deliver information and services to approximately 600,000 clients around the world.

Only available for ADP product users

First of all, its important to be aware that ADP Mobile Solutions is only available for employees of companies that use the following ADP products: Workforce Now, Vantage, Streamline, Run, Total Source, PayCard, Spending Account, or iPay Statements. If your company doesn’t use any of these products, then ADP Mobile Solutions will be of no use to you at all.

If you do use one of the above, then you’ll get access to a certain number of ADP Mobile Solutions depending on how much information your employer has provided to ADP. This means that when you log in, you may not see all of the features that are supposed to be available in ADP Mobile Solutions, as it will depend on how much your HR department wants to monitor. If your company has contracted the full ADP Mobile Solutions package then you’ll be able to see a range of information regarding employee activities and employment relations.

If you have access to all the features in ADP Mobile Solutions, some of the key features are the ability to view pay and tax statements, view and request time off, track time and attendance, punch in and out, create timesheets, and send late arrival or absence messages.

The app also allows you to view benefit plan information, retirement savings accounts, spending accounts, and view pay card accounts. You can also contact other colleagues via the app and view any important company news.

ADP Mobile Solutions gives you a clear breakdown of salary information, including taxes.


Security concerns

Of course, any app which handles confidential company data like this has to be reliable and secure. ADP has therefore taken several measures to ensure the security of ADP Mobile Solutions. All application requests and transactions are routed through ADP’s secure servers and the 
mobile application does not transmit or use sensitive personal information for added security.

In addition, all network traffic between the mobile device and the server is encrypted and a username and password is required to log on. ADP Mobile Solutions will also automatically time out due to inactivity, and accounts can be locked out if there are multiple login failures. Finally, all employee information cached on the mobile device is encrypted.

You will only have access to features your HR department has subscribed to.

ADP Mobile Solutions has several useful features but you will only have access to features your HR department has subscribed to.

Usability issues

When it works well, ADP Mobile Solutions is an excellent way to check paychecks, time off, pension plans, etc., conveniently from your Android device in one place.

However, many users report problems when using ADP Mobile Solutions. Sometimes the problems stem from the fact that the employer has not subscribed to all of the features available in ADP Mobile Solutions meaning that employees can be left frustrated that options such as clocking in and out, and checking vacation entitlement are not available.

Then there are some employees that are left fuming because features that should be available according to their employers, aren’t actually available at all in the mobile app.

It seems that part of the problem is that ADP Mobile Solutions takes security so seriously that some users have ended up being locked out even though their username and passwords are valid. Frustratingly, you can’t change passwords from the ADP Mobile Solutions app either – you have to do it from the desktop app. There are other usability issues too such as ADP Mobile Solutions will not auto rotate – it will only work in portrait mode which is quite a basic oversight.


When it works well ADP Mobile Solutions is a very convenient application for both employers and employees to track their employment history and vital stats. However, it clearly has some technical issues and its only as useful as the number of features your employer has subscribed to.

For an alternative way to manage your employees and keep track of payroll on your Android device (or any device for that matter), it’s worth shopping around for a cloud-based human resources app.


Mobile employee app for ADP users.