Find Your Music’s Lyrics With musiXmatch

Music apps these days either play music or recognise music that’s already playing. One app in particular does both, and more.

musicXmatch finds the lyrics of whatever song you are currently listening to on your Android. It’s great if you are a death metal listener but can’t really understand the screams.


musicXmatch is available for devices running Android 2.1 or above. It’s free, but unfortunately not ad-free. It has in-app ads and sometimes even full-screen advertisements when you go into the application itself. There isn’t a donation app or in-app payment method, so you just need to live with it for now.

The application is also available for Windows and Mac users. Just head over to the musiXmatch website and download your version.

What Is musicXmatch?

musicXmatch is a music player, music ID application, and lyric finder. When you play your music – using either musiXmatch itself or some other Android player – then if the lyrics of the track are in the musicXmatch catalog, you can view them. Simple as that.

It also has a music ID function. If you are listening to a track and you don’t know who the artist is, you can fire up musiXmatch and in a matter of seconds you’ll find out. Even if the song doesn’t have lyrics it will often find this info.


The main view of the applicaiton.

Last but not least it is a music player. And it’s a great music player. It highly resembles Google’s Play Music app, but it’s done things a little bit differently. It’s divided into four sections, which I’ll cover here.

My Music

musicXmatch does a great job playing back your music. It also has a slight Holo UI feel to it by taking example from Google’s Play Music app and improving in some areas. Let’s talk about the main feature behind the UI.

First of all it’s split into tabs:

  • Albums
  • Tracks
  • Playlists
  • Artists

My Music

A pretty peculiar list order. Most music players have Albums, Artists, Tracks and Playlists. I’m not quite sure why they’ve changed this.

A great feature is that the Albums tab has a Gallery type UI rather than a list UI in Google Play. Sure it has a Gallery type when you go on landscape, but it’s not really practical. musiXmatch gets a +1 from me on this. Great job.

Another great thing that Google Play is lacking and musiXmatch has is the ability to view your Now Playing playlist.

Also, the Now Playing view is split into tabs: Now Playing, Lyrics, Appears On, Discography. The first two are pretty self explanatory. Appears On displays other albums the track appears on and Discography displays additional tracks of the artist in question.


Now playing and Lyrics.


This is the music recognition part. You just tap a button, let the application hear the music and wait for it to recognize it. If it does find it, musiXmatch will also show the lyrics to the track and basically the same information as in the Now Playing view (Appears On, Discography).


Music ID and Music ID History

There’s also a history, so you can view all of your recognized tracks.


In this section you’ll find the lyrics of the tracks that you have favored in the My Music or MusicID sections of the application. The only issue I have with this section is that if the track is on your phone, it would be nice to tap it to listen, but this isn’t implemented.


Favorites View


Here you can change settings for the application. There are a number of settings and options to choose from. One of them is the ability to automatically share (via Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter) a link to the lyrics of the track you are listening to.


The Sharing Settings.

There are also Headset Settings that allow you to pause the music when you remove your headset or resume the music when you connect your headset.

Integration With Other Players

If you only want to use musiXmatch as a song lyric finder you can. It supports third party players and will notify you when it finds lyrics to the tracks you are listening to. If it doesn’t find it will do nothing. The application tries to be as non-intrusive as possible.


Integration with other players.

The Bad

As much as I like musiXmatch so far, it does come with a few hiccups. It sometimes defaults as the main music player with no notice whatsoever. That may be annoying for people that want to use third party widgets or lockscreen controls.

Also, sometimes when you go into MusicID there seems to be no way out of it. The Back button doesn’t work, nor the button provided in the top left corner; you have to go into the context menu, and select Home manually.

I feel the application has a lot of potential to shine, but these annoying bugs might encourage users to uninstall it.

Final Thoughts

musiXmatch is a great application. It does exactly what it supposed to, and the Now Playing playlist, which my main music player (Google Play Music) doesn’t have, is a plus. Unfortunately, the MusicID and Favorite section hiccups drag it down and may annoy people. If you can get over these, and the fact that it has some ads with no possibility to remove them, then it’s a great player.


Play, find and read the lyrics of your music library. A great application for those that are interested in the lyrics of their music.