Style Jukebox: Your Music, Anytime, Anywhere

Music is a medium I really love. It provides a great way to relax and makes long revision sessions a bit more exciting. Over the years, I’ve built up quite a big collection of music, however, because of the quantity of files and their size, I’ve never been able to have every song in exactly the same place.

The majority of my music files reside in iTunes — and that should be the same for a lot of people. With well over 10,000 songs in my library, iTunes is obviously an invaluable database, but problems arise when I’m out and about. My library is too big to transfer over to my phone and that creates a limit on what I can listen to when I’m away from my computer — which isn’t ideal, to say the least.

Style Jukebox is an online service, and an Android app, that solves this problem by allowing me to move my music into the cloud. After uploading the files, I can instantly access them wherever I am. Read on to find out more.

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The Road to Style Jukebox

You’re probably thinking that Style Jukebox isn’t a new concept. Yes, Google launched a similar service last year and I did use it for a short time, but it constantly fell short of my expectations and the upload times were just far too slow. It would have taken around three weeks of my computer being constantly on to upload my entire collection — and I didn’t want to do that. After about a week I decided that Play Music wasn’t worth this effort, especially since it’s only available on Android — this was a major problem as I also own a Windows Phone and iPod alongside my Nexus 7.

For a few months, I didn’t use any other online solution and I went back to listening to music on Spotify, but of course, I would have preferred to listen to my own playlists, artists and albums. Then I recently discovered Style Jukebox, and after using the app over the last few weeks I’ve realised how great it actually is. I even cancelled my Spotify subscription last week, a service I didn’t think I could live without..

Do also keep in mind that Google Play Music isn’t available worldwide, which makes a solution like Style Jukebox a lot more appealing to international Android users.

Uploading Music

The first thing you’ll need to do is install the Style Jukebox app on your PC  — unfortunately, this isn’t available for the Mac yet, but it is said to be coming soon, so for the time being I used it in Parallels on my Mac. The app can be downloaded by visiting the Style Jukebox homepage and clicking on “Available on Windows.”

Downloading Style Jukebox.

Downloading Style Jukebox.

You’ll then be asked to create an account which allows you to upload 250 songs for free — with the possibility to extend them to 2000 — without advertisements. After signing in, you’ll be presented with the standard app’s interface. It acts as the hub for all your music through which you can add files, organise playlists and play music.

The Style Jukebox hub on the desktop.

The Style Jukebox hub on the desktop.

Now that you have an account, you can sign in to the app on your mobile devices. Style Jukebox is thankfully available for Android, but also Windows Phone and iOS devices.

The Android App

Once signed in on the Android app, you’ll notice that all of the music that you have already uploaded is available to you. You’ll also have access to all the music files that you have locally stored on your Android phone or tablet. Collecting all your online and local music together is a great idea for people who love to have everything in one place.

Finding the track you want is easy.

Finding the track you want is easy.

Style Jukebox’ app works as the central hub for your music and organises it — as any other music player — into Artists, Albums, Songs and Playlists. You can also search by title keywords for your desired track.

There are also different options you can tweak in the Settings. These include enabling the app to use mobile data — or restricting it to WiFi — and the frequency with which the app checks for new tracks. I thought the app’s settings could be far more extensive. For example, promoting customisation would be a great way forward.

The app does have a section for you to add feedback so if you have any suggestions or problems with the application I’m sure they would love to here them.

The less than extensive Settings still allow you to make some changes.

The less than extensive Settings still allow you to make some changes.

The final place you can access in the app is the Cloud status page. Here, you’ll see how many songs you can still upload and which devices you have linked to the service.

I haven’t mentioned it yet in this review, but there are different ways you can increase your upload allowance for songs. One way is linking Style Jukebox to your Twitter/Facebook account, which gives you 250 extra songs. You can even just tell the Jukebox team your thoughts on the app and in turn you’ll gain 50 songs. As I mentioned above, the initial capacity is 250 songs on the first sign-up but can go up to 2000 songs for free with no advertisements.

Why I Use Style Jukebox

The main reason I use Style Jukebox is because of its accessibility. The app creates integration between Windows Phone, iOS, and Android platforms easily so it doesn’t matter which device I have with me. This is rare to find on many other similar services because developers normally try to focus on one operating system — or two at most.

Another reason Style Jukebox is fantastic is that it’s highly functional for its purpose. The app gives me everything I need in a usable cloud music application — even outperforming Google Play Music for me.


Overall, whilst I’m disappointed the desktop app hasn’t ventured onto Mac yet, I’m still happy with how the mobile version of Style Jukebox functions on Android. I’m able to access my music wherever I reside and I don’t have to go through the annoying process of using a subscription service or a non-optimised cloud system. With quick upload times and a simple Android application it meets all of my requirements.

Do you use a cloud music service? Let us know below!


Style Jukebox is similar to Google Play Music -- but better. Quicker upload times, worldwide availability, different platform support, and an overall improvement in performance make Style Jukebox a real competitor in the cloud music arena.