Turn Speech Into Song With Songify

For people who are not gifted singers, their affinity towards music may be limited to sound mixing or song writing. I’m not a strong singer, but I can write. With an app like Songify, that’s all you really need to do. You don’t even need to write down the lyrics, just recite them on the go and the app takes care of the rest. Find out how Songify can become your very own mobile recording studio.

Pick a Sound

Before recording with this app, you might want to check out the music it will use for converting your speech into a song. You can do this by opening the Song Store window (the button in the middle). There’s one default song included with the app, and you can download more free songs categorized according to genre.

Other songs can be downloaded through an in-app purchase option. Songs cost from 25 to 75 “coins”. If you don’t want to spend real money on these songs, you can get free coins by downloading other apps. I got 75 free coins from downloading and playing Draw Something.

The Music Store

You can listen to a song before downloading by pressing on the headset button to the left of the song title.

Previously, Songify only allowed downloading songs over Wi-Fi, but the latest update fixed this issue and I was able to download over my 3G data connection.

Phrase Yourself

Your lyrics can be random thoughts, or meticulously written poetry. It doesn’t matter whether you talk or sing; the app should take care of your voice quality. Pauses between words, however, may be noticeable.

Start recording

When you’re ready to record, just tap the huge disc and start talking. You’ll need to be loud and clear so the app picks up all the words. Hold your phone a few inches in front of you, making sure you don’t cover the mic with your hand. The longest time I was able to record was slightly over two minutes.

Listen to your song

Tap the disc again to stop recording. To save your song, tap Save and it will prompt you to give your song a title.

Here’s a sample of my song:

If you’re not satisfied with the end result of the song and want to change the background music, tap the Re-Songify button in the top right corner.

Promote and Discover

The best part of making your own songs is sharing them with the world, or at least with your friends. You can share your finished record through e-mail, SMS, or social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can also set it as your phone’s ringtone.

Sharing options

The app has its own social network with a Winning section: a place where you can view the top five most liked songs created by other users as well as recent ones posted.  When you share your song to Facebook or Twitter, it goes to this page. To go to this page, simply tap the W! icon on the app’s main screen. Tap on a song title to listen to a song – you can also share it the same way you share your own songs.

View other people's Songify creations

There is also a Search function to find certain songs; it’s unclear whether this searches by song title, username, or both.

If you don’t want your song posted on this page, you can go back to your My Songify page, tap the song, press Delete, and choose Delete from Winning.

Where Did My Song Go?

It was tricky finding the actual audio file at first, but it turns out that the app saves it in .ogg format and stores it in the SD Card in the Android/data folder.

Look for com.smule.songify and open the cache folder. You should be able to see all your created songs.

Breaking It Down

Songify is admittedly a novelty app – there’s really not a lot of usefulness to it. That being said, it’s still a fun app to use to pass the time or get over boredom. Try it during idle times, when people around seem to have lost their energy and could use a little ice breaker.

The interface is simple enough for an app that has a simple function, letting you record and listen to your song with a few taps. The main screen controls are also kept to a minimum of three buttons which are intuitive and easy to use.

You will not sound like a pro with this app. The music and vocal volumes sometimes fall out of sync, which is why it’s important to speak loudly so your voice doesn’t get drowned by the music. Speech clarity can also be a problem if you speak too softly or too quickly.

Also, be warned of the full screen pop-up ads that appear seemingly at random while using the app. You can close these by tapping the X button in the top right corner.

These considerations don’t change the fact that Songify is a unique, fun app that’s geared towards musical creativity. This is something that’s not often seen in apps these days, so it’s great to bring back the groove in our otherwise groove-less lives. If you find yourself in an urgent need to break into song just like they do in Glee, then it’s time to Songify.


A speech auto-tuner for Android. You talk, it sings.