Write: A Brilliant Notepad for Tablets

As a writer I need to be able to write wherever and whenever I can. However, a problem I recently came across was how can I write without an internet connection? After purchasing a Nexus 7 I desired a word processor with ability to express my ideas offline – but unlike iOS, Android doesn’t come with an integrated notepad app.

This was a problem, and I needed a solution. Fortunately, I came across Write, a notepad app which was designed specifically for tablets. I was impressed, and happy to fork out the couple of dollars it cost.

An Introduction

Just something to bear in mind: I’m using this on the Nexus 7, so other tablets may give different experiences.

Upon opening Write, you’re taken to a dashboard. On the left hand side you have a range of different choices, which let you create a new note and view entries from a specified time period (such as over the last week, month or year).

The home screen

Next, there’s the ability to scroll through all your notes. Selecting one of these will bring up a quick preview of what has been written, with quick options below it to delete, export, view, share, clone or edit the document – quickly organising everything. There’s also a drop down menu and a search bar in the top right corner, which I will describe in more detail later.

Writing and Compatibility

Now, for the ability we all want – a simple word processor which is good enough for everyday writing. Write presents you with a basic UI that isn’t overly complicated. You’re given a blank white page and off you go – simple, yeah? It’s perfect. This is accompanied by a word count at the top and a Share button to quickly transfer the work to a variety of sources. The app auto-saves your work, too.

The word processor UI

I particularly love that the app is compatible with Bluetooth keyboards – one of which I’d recently purchased, funnily enough. Not only did the app allow me to write offline, it actually integrated my keyboard into the design features. It all seemed too good.

However, something I must say is that the app is optimised for Honeycomb — although it still works on all the newer Android versions (including Jelly Bean). I should note that there is a developer comment that states: “Layout tweaks for smaller screened tablets (such as Nexus 7) – currently works well on these, but will see if I can improve things further.” Personally, I haven’t experienced any issues, but I’m pumped for future improvements!

Moving Your Notes

In my situation, the problem was that I couldn’t write in WordPress due to my lack of an internet connection. So after I had written my article in Write, I then had the problem of moving it to WordPress. Luckily, Write has one of the easiest methods for doing this: selecting “Share” brings up a range of different places which you can move the note to.


This integrates with the stock Share menu – as you can see, for me, that means it supports Drive, Email, Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Messenger and Twitter. I’ve found email to be the best option, so I email the work to myself, and then copy it into my WordPress account when I’m at my computer. Simple!

Great Features

The drop down menu offers a guide, the opportunity to change themes, folder management, and Dropbox integration. Dropbox has become part of my everyday life, so being able to upload notes to it is fantastic.

The drop down box options

Write also makes it really easy to find notes again later, as you can filter by date, look in specific folders, and search for key words across all your writing.


In conclusion, Write is the best app for anyone who wants to write on an Android tablet. Its UI is highly suited for tablets, and it’s definitely worth the price (not that $3 is breaking the bank).

As this app has taken a firm place on my homescreen and future updates are to come I’m really excited. That it’s developed by one of my favourite teams is reassuring too; Amimetic’s apps are always at a professional level.


Write is a great word processor for Android tablets.