Pudding Camera: Is It as Sweet as It Sounds?

Pudding Camera is yet another tantalizing Android app for budding photographers. While it lacks some of the extensive features of paid alternatives, it’s a sleek and simple application, featuring a number of filters and camera styles to spice up your snaps. But is it worth giving a go?

If you’re tired of taking mediocre photos on your mobile, this could turn out to be your new favourite app. You won’t need knowledge of photography or even much common sense to use it; and what’s more, it’s completely free.

Pudding Camera start up screen


Pudding Camera is a free app that works on Android 2.2 and above, including Ice Cream Sandwich. It acts as an alternative to your original Android camera application, offering an array of beautiful filters to add character to your photos. Images can then be posted on social networking sites such as Twitter with ease, or shared via email. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Pudding Camera from the Play Store, you can start playing around at once – you won’t have to sign up for anything.

Using Pudding Camera

Camera Screen

It’s as effortless to take photographs using Pudding Camera as it is to take them with the stock app. You determine the camera style and filter you want to use by pressing the camera icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, and once you’ve chosen the settings you desire, you simply press the big black button (or the physical camera key on your phone).

Pudding Camera Filter

Your photo will then appear in the Pudding Camera gallery, where you can view your images by date, and share or delete them.

Filters and Effects

Pudding Camera offers a variety of stunning filters and effects that certainly rival those of competitors such as Instagram, resulting in gorgeous, vibrant photos. The quality of the filters is excellent, and they really make your pictures come alive. However, some may be disappointed by the limited number of effects available.

The camera styles one can choose from are:

  • Basic
  • Snap
  • Panorama – allows you to take wider pictures
  • Fantasy – gives a tilt-shift effect
  • Motion 2×2 – a collage style photo
  • Motion x4 – a collage style photo
  • Fish-eye
  • Triplex

Pudding Camera Filter

You can also take photos with the following beautiful effects:

  • Basic
  • Vintage Brown
  • Vintage Blue
  • Vignetting
  • Dazzle
  • Mono (Black and White)
  • Noir
  • Vivid

Pudding Camera Filter

As well as the brilliant filters, Pudding Camera also has some basic functions that many people probably couldn’t live without. The ability to change exposure levels (-2.0 to 2.0) is a handy little feature – after all, lighting is very important in photography. If you have a front facing camera or a flash on your phone, you can also choose to make use of those if you wish to. By going into the Settings menu, you can also enable ‘Geotagging’, which adds GPS information to the your photos.

So far, Pudding Camera has given me crisp clear images due to the auto-focus feature. I also love the fact that you can have a grid on the screen – many people find this simple but invaluable when positioning their photographs. Pictures can be taken in three different sizes: small (472px), medium (700px), or large (1280px). Of course, you may decide to take smaller pictures due to the quality of your phone’s camera.

An area in which Pudding Camera falls behind other applications is in post-editing. Once you’ve taken your picture, you can’t enhance it in any way unless you get something like Adobe Photoshop Express – you can’t even make adjustments to things such as saturation or brightness. It also currently lacks a timer, and  despite the fact I’ve searched far and wide, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘zoom’ button, which is usually a compulsory element for camera apps.


To say Pudding Camera has a nice appearance would be an understatement. The design is attractive and minimalistic, and is without a doubt one of the major draws of the app. The  colour scheme is subtle, with soft, neutral backgrounds, and the images of cameras add a touch of authenticity and give the app a unique style  that could potentially attract photography lovers. All of this results in a cute yet sophisticated appearance.

Navigation is also incredibly easy due to the uncomplicated, uncluttered design. The app contains no adverts, therefore there’s no need to worry about your battery or an overcrowded screen. If I were to be very critical, I would say the interface could be a little sharper in quality, but overall it’s beautiful and easy to use.


The performance of Pudding Camera is generally very smooth and responsive, and I’ve had no experiences of it crashing on my mid-range Android. The application takes photos just as quickly as the stock camera app, and they load immediately in the gallery.


I’m impressed with this app, but whilst I find it’s simplicity attractive, others may feel it’s lacking too many features for them. However, the filters are just as good as, if not better than, the ones on Instagram, and in the end your photos will look brilliant.

Picture taken with Pudding Camera (5MP camera)

So is Pudding Camera worth taking a look at? Absolutely.


It's aesthetically pleasing and has some beautiful, professional filters, but if you're looking for a feature packed photo editor it might be worth buying a paid application instead.