Asana For Android: Take Your Projects On The Road

Asana is a project management app designed to help individuals and teams track the progress and success of their assignments and projects.

Asana for Android enables individuals and teams to follow work from start to finish and makes it very easy to do so while not skimping on powerful reporting features. Much like apps such as Wrike, ProWorkflow, and LiquidPlanner, Asana includes a wide range of tools to create tasks, to-dos, reminders and requests from anywhere in the app.

What can Asana for Android do?

With Asana, you can add due dates, assignees, followers, details, and files to your tasks in just a few swipes. The great thing about Asana is that it’s free with no limits on how much you can use it, except a maximum team limit of 15 people. Apart from that, you can add as many tasks, projects, comments, conversations and attachments as you want for free.

Although suitable for those that just want to manage their own work and deadlines better on their own, collaboration in real time is very easy with Asana. Asana for Android gives you the ability to comment on tasks from anywhere, track your work and view and organize your task list every time you open it.

You can see your Favorites and your full list of teams and projects at a glance and add new tasks to projects at any time to break down your work and make projects easier to complete. You can swipe to quickly complete tasks and notify your team that your work is finished.

Asana makes it easy to see pending tasks and prioritize them.

Making team communication easy

Asana feels like a project management, productivity, file storage and communications tool rolled into one. Team leaders can can assign tasks to team members with due dates, attachments, tags and comments. Whenever they log into the dashboard, a pending list of tasks plus any messages in their inbox are highlighted to help team members keep on top of tasks.

You can search across all of your work to find the info you need quickly, use conversations to make announcements to your team, ask a question in a project, or comment on a single task.

Asana has its own email client that allows you to receive and send important notifications about projects, task and conversations you’re following. There’s also a limited range of emoticons in Asana that allow you to send quick replies to teammates from your inbox.


Communication with colleagues in Asana is well presented and easy to follow.


Taking shortcuts

If you want more detail about a task, you can simply tap on it in the Asana Android app. Creating a new task is easy but there are various shortcuts and quick-add tools to help you increase your productivity such as due dates and assignee shortcuts to help you instantly make changes without having to go right into a task.

You can attach documents to tasks, although there’s no preview when you look at a task so you have to go in and tap on each image or file to see exactly what’s been attached. You can reorder tasks in Asana for Android very easily, making it easy to change the priority of tasks. You can also sync your Asana calendar with Outlook or Google Calendar.

One thing to be careful of with the Asana app for Android is to make sure that reminders are definitely working. Some users have had problems with reminders not being issued or not working properly on the dashboard.


The most recent release of Asana for Android has seen some big improvements to navigation and the look and feel of the app to make it easier to track work from start to finish. The styling has been updated with new colors and icons and there are new emoticon animations for hearts and project completion. The other thing that’s improved a lot too is the speed of the app – Asana is now much more responsive and quicker on Android devices.

Asana for Android is an useful productivity and project management tool for a wide variety of people and users. Whether you are a student that wants to manage your assignments better or a project manager that wants an easy to use but powerful organizational tool, the Asana Android app is definitely worth trying.

It’s worth checking out a range of project management software before deciding on what to go for. Our sister site GetApp has a handy comparison tool that allows you to compare Asana with similar cloud-based apps.


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