Classic Notes: Taking All-in-One to a New Level

Classic Notes, like its sister app Extensive Notes, is an app to do pretty much everything. The developer’s description of the app is much longer than would fit in the description — and, wow, there are so many features included in less than half a megabyte! There is so much to cover, so let’s get started…

Notes and to Do

First of all, this is a note taking app, so that’s the bare minimum you should expect from the app. Taking notes is simple and easy, and adding To Do points is easy too. Once you open the app you just need to tap New, and choose whether you want to create a Note, a To Do or an Extra (we’ll see more of this ahead).

Main Screen with Priority

Main Screen with Priority

Upon creating a new Note, a legal notepad styled interface will show up and you can start writing — that’s it! If you want to get a notification about this note, go ahead and add it using the Reminder button under the Menu, choose the day and time of the reminder, and you’re done! Want to add priority to your notes? Tap More under the menu and select it. And so on.

You can add a note to your Calendar; add bulleted list entries; export your notes (one by one, or all at once if you’re in the main app screen); hear the note via text-to-speech; add it to your notification bar or home screen; translate it via Google Translate; attach images, audio, video, a sketch, or a file; and geotag the note. Also, in the menu you can add a password to it, or share it with friends using the Android Share menu.

Pinned ToDo in the Notification bar

Pinned ToDo in the Notification bar

To Do items have almost all the same features as Notes, but instead of writing a full note, you add items to a list, which you can tap to mark as done, add new tasks, and so on.

Simple ToDo list

Simple ToDo list

Extras: A Little Bit of Everything

Classic Notes’s “Extra” option has a whole world of features — I mean, A LOT of features. Covering all these features would take a long time, but I’ll try to, without being too tedious.

When you add an Extra item, you have to choose from a list of options:



Just take a look at what’s available:

  • Abbreviations: Search the internet for the abbreviation of a word.
  • Conversions: Convert between different units of currency, distance, weight, time, temperature, and so on.
  • Days Until: Select a date and it will add a new note with “X days until xx/xx/xxxx“.
  • Dictionary: Search for the definition of a word you enter on it.
  • Etymology: Search for the history behind the word typed.
  • Example Word Usage: Uses the word you enter on it on a sentence.
  • Film Related: Search for the Information about a movie or an Actor/Actress.
  • Financial Related: Five calculators to choose from: Discount, Mortgage, Sales Tax, Standard or Tip.
  • Fitness Related: Calculate Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Fat, Body Mass Index, Max Heart Rate and others.
  • Holidays: Create a note with the national holidays for various different countries.
  • Music Related: Search and add to a new note with fields for Album Art, Artist Information, Artist Image, Artists Similar to…, and Track Information.
  • Ohm’s Law: Calculate voltage by Ohm’s law.
  • Phrases: Gives you the explanation of a phrase entered.
  • Postal Code Lookup: Gives you informations about the postal code typed, like neighborhood, city, latitude & longitude, etc.
  • Question and Answer: Searches for questions by a direct question or a keyword.
  • Random Number: Generates a random number
  • Random Password: Generates a random password
  • Slang: Gives you the meaning of the slang typed in.
  • Spelling Suggestions: Gives you suggestions of words based on the one you typed in.
  • Stock Quote: Gives you information about the stock symbol entered, based on the current quotation of the market.
  • Stopwatch: Create a blank note with a stopwatch (!)
  • System Stats: Gives you the current stats of your phone on a new note.
  • Thesaurus: Gives you synonyms and antonyms of a word using
  • URL Shortener: Shortens the entered URL using
  • Weather: Gives you the current weather using ZIP codes or your GPS location.
  • Wikipedia: Gives you a short description of the entered word using Wikipedia
  • Word of the Day: Add a new note with the word of the day and a quote using it.
  • Words that rhyme with: Gives you words that rhymes with the word typed in.

Pros and Cons


  • Options: You can do a lot of different things with it; the list of Extras may be massive, but a variety of people will use a variety of utilities of it.
  • Simple: A lot of features but not a complex interface. The UI is pretty minimalist and has the support to change the fancy font for a “normal” one.
  • Integration: You can add reminders (giving you a notification when the time and date set comes), pin items to your notification bar, and add a shortcut to your home screen directing right to your Note.
  • Cheap: Only $1.99, and you can also try the Lite version of it before buying.


  • Confusing: At first, its confusing to use all these features. They’re all thrown at you in one never-ending scrolling screen; there should be a sort of organization on it.
  • All Offline: I like to have my things in the cloud; I use my Google Calendar a lot to keep things synced with my phone, so it’s easier to remember my tasks with my phone. A synchronization of Classic Notes with Google Notebook would be ideal.

Final Considerations

This app is still a work in progress, and the developer made it clear in the description of the app that he’s aiming to add even more features to it. This is great; all the features add to the charm. But I feel that if he doesn’t find a way to organize it better, it can become a real mess.

Online backup/sync is a glaring exception, but I’m sure it is probably on the way; since almost every note-taking app has some kind of integration with your computer, it’s logical. Despite this omission, it’s a really great app, whose simplicity and minimalist UI are charming, and whose features are pretty awesome. You don’t have an excuse not to organize your life now.

See also our review of Extensive Notes, a similar app with a different interface, from the same developer.


A note-taking app with more features than will fit in this description.