Evernote: Remember Everything

Self identified as an “external brain”, Evernote aims to capture and organize all types of data and make it searchable from multiple platforms. Use cases have ranged from taking notes for research for writing a book, planning events and even taking notes for class. Evernote is avaliable on every major smartphone platform, on PC and Mac, and even as a web client, making all of your data accessible and searchable from anywhere.

Evernote stores text, images, voice, entire web pages or nearly any other file type as a note, and organizes them in Notebooks the user creates. Each note can then have tags associated for deeper organization, and using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software even text in images are searchable. It’s also a “Freemium” service, meaning there is a free version and a $5/month premium version. The free account allows up to 60 MB of data per month while the premium can upload up to 1 GB and has more bells and whistles.

Evernote recently released Version 3.0 of the Android client. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Whats New in 3.0?

Version 3.0 of Evernote for Android brings a slew of new features and improvements including better Notebook management, new sharing options, an improved search, new security features, an improved widget, and some collaboration options for premium subscribers.

User Interface

Home Screen and Widget

The Evernote user interface is very clean and simple with buttons to create a note (or snap a picture) and several selections for browsing existing notes by tag or notebook. There are a few options such as for settings, a manual sync selection, and even a map of geo-tagged notes in the menu. The top bar serves as a contextual menu system depending on where the user is in the application. There is also a widget (1×4) that can be placed on the home screen for quick access to creating notes or searching the application.

Creating a Note

Creating a Note

Creating a note is as simple as creating a title and some content; the real power is along the contextual menu where you can select a notebook and tags, attach a file, take a picture, or record an audio note. Once created, the note is uploaded and accessible from any Evernote platform. While browsing the Internet on your computer, Evernote has made it simple to “Clip” a selection of a web page, saving it all to one of your notebooks; clipping web pages can be done while browsing on a phone as well, through the browser’s Share menu.


Browsing Notebooks and Notes

It does not take long to create a library of notes across a wide range of use cases.  From the home page the user can select to view notes filtered by their tags or by their notebooks, or to show all of them.  Evernote has enabled nesting notebooks within notebooks — called “Stacks” — which can be done by long-pressing a notebook. Selecting All Notes displays the most recent notes and has several viewing options, some including thumbnails or included tags for improved browsing. Notes will sync upon launching Evernote or can be limited to only do so when on Wifi or charging.  A premium feature allows users to download Notebooks for improved search speed and offline viewing.

Searching in Evernote

Advanced Search

Version 3.0 has improved the search function with some advanced features such as searching within specific notebooks, by tag or geo-location, and even by the date created. Recent searches are also now saved. One new feature that is really interesting is the Location button next to the search bar, which will display Notes created close to your current location.


Evernote is a robust and flexible application that can work wonders if adopted. Version 3.0 brought some great and necessary additions to the application and makes it a must download for anyone looking to save and organize any form of data.


Evernote is a note taking system that organizes text, images, audio recordings and pretty much anything else. Files are searchable through tags or even based on text using Optical Character Recognition software, including pictures and PDFs.